Hello please any advice after lletz

Hello I  was just wondering what colour would the discharge would be? mines look like a light brown colour is this normal?  and i was wondering again if the the smell of all blood is normal too. and is anybody experience the same thing.

sorry for discription.

 may 13- smear result borderline

  june 13- colpscopy /biopsy

  june 13- biopsy results CIN 1/CIN2

  aug 13- LLETZ

  awaiting results

 thank you.

The discharge can vary throughout the recovery period from like a period to pink or a bit orange/brown or dark brown almost black, all of this is normal. After the first few days there is also about a week of very watery discharge that can come with a bit of a strange smell. If you have an offensive odour it could be sign of an infection and you should get that checked by your doctor.

Hi Kisha,


I had my LLETZ done last tuesday and I have the same as you.  It's quite period-y smelling and light brown, but this is within the 'normal' healing process so I wouldn't worry unless as Niki said, it starts to become really smelly or offensive, or you start getting unusual stomach pains. 

I only bled for 1 day & I currently have a very watery, light brown disharge and I get a stabbing pain every now and again, like a bad period cramp.  If you are worried then call your GP or the colposcopy office and they'll be able to help more