Didn’t get cervical screening done.

I went today for my first cervical screening. The nurse was lovely and went through everything. As she was showing me what they use I felt faint, hot and my anxiety was taking over. I told the nurse I had been in a domestic violence relationship and I finally came to terms with everything in 2021 3 years after splitting from my ex. I cried and the nurse hugged me. She told me to come back when I’m ready and not to put pressure on myself. I really wanted to go and get it done and get over the initial fear but, it triggered me instead and I just broke down.


Try to remember that going for a smear test can literally save your life. I avoided smears tests all my life (I’m 39) and didn’t have one until my symptoms were bad, I had stage 3B cancer.
Going for a smear IS uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, it IS scary and it isn’t something you WANT to do but it could be the difference between having the rest of your life ahead or not.
Sending you love and strength, you can do this girl xx

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