Day after LLETZ LOOP

Hi guys 

It's day after my LLETZ loop procedure and surprisingly I'm not feeling too bad!

My story, I had my first ever smear done back in June (I'm 28) was forced by my mum as I hadn't had one done before and I was extremely scared (my nana passed away from cervical cancer) I went on holiday in July and when I came back I received a letter that was sent out 24th July confirming I had High Grade severe dyskaryosis.

My head went in turmoil and thought my life was over I was in a daze and I did not know what to think ! I have 2 beautiful boys my thoughts were what am I going to do!

I spoke to an AMAZING nhs nurse (by phone) and she really reassured me and was absolutely fantastic.

I had my colscopy 7th August .. the nurses were brilliant totally made me feel at ease, after she said yes I see the affected area and no to me it does not look like cancer at all, BUT I did have to have the LLETZ loop treatment done to get rid of affected area.

Had my LLETZ loop procedure done yesterday, again with the same amazing nurses, was really uncomfortable not pleasent at all but I thank God it's done haha!, again she said to me 'I'm not worried at all, there's nothing to worry about you will receive letter 5 - 6 weeks stating all is fine and appointment in 6 months for smear' 

So I am feeling extremely positive with what my nurse has said, and I do have alot of faith in her as she had previously diagnosed my friend with cervical cancer from just doing a colscopy (same nurse how bizzare lol) so I am feeling like I can trust her :)

Sorry for the essay I have had incredible support from friends and family but wanted to share with ladies who have also been in my position and can really understand each other. 

Anxiously waiting for results but again I'm feeling positive :) x

Routine smear - June

Letter received - 24th July (high grade severe dyskaryosis)

Colscopy - 7th August (treatment needed)

LLETZ loop procedure - 30th August (nurse not worried very positive, affected area removed)