Could my severe abdominal pain + bleeding be linked to CIN1 + 2 results?


The past two months I’ve been experiencing mid cycle bleeds, pain during sex and severe lower right abdominal pain. I was being investigated for bowel adhesions as I have a history of this however during these investigations (which have so far come back negative) I had a routine smear + received an abnormal result with CIN1 & 2 cells found at biopsy. I’ve been referred for LLETZ treatment but I’m wondering if these cells could be the cause of my pain? Has anyone else ever experienced pain from abnormal cells? I’ve also got quite serious erosion of the cervix. I’m trying to stay rational and calm but since my bowel tests are coming clear, I’m worried that the pain may be linked to something gynaecological/to these test results.

Thanks in advance for the support. FYI I’m 28y/o with no children yet.