Worried - Please Help


I am really worried at the moment. I had an abnormal smear last August, following this had colposcopy and biopsies & told I had CIN3 & CIN2. I then had LLETZ to treat the CIN 3 in Nov last year (2014). 


Since Jan of this year I have had abdominal pain & abnormal discharge.  I have been back to my GP 3 times. I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound scan that came back with all being ok. 


I now have bleeding after intercourse. So went back to GP (had to wait 1 month for appointment!) The GP advised that she can see an abnormal area on the neck of my cervix so is sending me for an urgent gynaecology referral to get looked at again & she also took swabs.  The GP did say that it could be scar tissue bleeding but doesn't know for sure as she isn't a specialist.  Has anyone else had anything like this?


At this present moment I am in a lot of abdominal pain.  It even hurts to stand sometimes, as I feel constant pain in my cervix.  The best way to describe it is like I constantly have a tampon in place that hasn't been inserted properly.  It feels like there is something in my cervix.  If I have to do a number two, the pain tends to get worse and I also get the discharge. 


I am really worried that it has progressed into cancerous cells but don't know if I am just over reacting? Just to add my 23 year old sister died of cervical cancer last Oct, my Aunt had cervical cancer but it was found early and treated and she is now a survivor and my grandmothers on both sides of the family both died from cervical cancer too. 



Hello Hun,

Im sorry you're feeling so poorly at the moment. I'm also sorry to hear of your Sisters passing, my Dad & Brother have both passed, so just Mum & I now so I do know how you feel. I'm in a similar boat to you Hun, I've just posted my own question too! I've no idea what's going on with me either. Whatever we're facing we could always keep in touch & face it together?

Good luck,

Clare xxx



Yes, 100%. Is your MRI this week? Are they sending you for a cone biopsy? 

Yes MRI Fri & I'm really nervous! I was told Wed I had CC now I've been told the 3 biopsies have come back with no cancer so she wants me to have another biopsy under GA as she still thinks it's CC, so I don't know! I'm 39 Wed Happy Birthday to me! Lol 


I am very sorry to hear about your sister, that must be an enormous loss for you. It sounds as though your GP is doing all the right stuff so if anything is found at your gynae appointment you will be properly treated. I know just how easy it is to think that everything out of the ordinary simply has to be cancer when someone close to you has had it, but it may not be. To the best of my knowledge cervical cancer is not a genetic thing so it sounds as though a lot of women in your family have just been exceptionally unlucky, but treatment is improving all the time and so even if you do receive a cancer diagnosis your chances of surviving it should be better than your grandmothers'.

Let us know how you get along at your appointment.

Be lucky


I will do. Thank you x

I hope all goes well. I will keep everything crossed for you. Let me know how you get on. Xxx

Thank you & I will for you. Today I have found a small lump under my left armpit, please don't let this be something else!!! xx



How did today go? what has doctor said about lump? X

Hey sweetie how are you?

lump under my arm has disappeared, thank goodness! Had my MRI today hopefully getting the results Tue as have a meeting with my MDT may not now be habing another biopsy under GA! Who knows it all seems to change daily! At least I'm still smiling! Xxx

That's the best way, to stay positive. How did results from MRI go? 


Glad ad the lump disappeared. 


I am good. Got my appointment tomorrow for another Colscopy. 


how did the results go? good I hope x



Went well I think. They said bleeding and discharge is normal even months after a LLETZ treatment. Although when looked in cervix he saw that the inner lining of cervix that is exposed following LLETZ and is meant to just heal over, has actually for some reason grown outwards in my case  into cervix & this is causing the pain. It's left me with what look likes a polyp of tissue. He said it was very unusual and cut it off to be biopsied. So just got to wait on results. Although he did feel it was just my body healing and didn't think it was anything to worry about. Hopefully not. 


Got to go back again in June for more tests, an ultrasound & more biopsies. That is pending all comes back clear from polyp biopsy. 


How are you? Xxx