Coping with the wait for results of LLETZ

I (age 27) had my LLETZ 6 days ago after CIP3 cells found and have been told to wait for 4-6 weeks for results…the anxiety is killing me! Am a chronic worrier so have already assumed that it’ll be CC by the time the results come back.

Can you tell me how you coped with the wait for results and didn’t spiral?

Hi @Muirenn hope you’re recovering well! I’m 26 and had my LLETZ for CIN3 4 weeks ago now, I was also told I’d get the results within 4-6 weeks, I got my results on week 3 and it confirmed that they were just precancerous cells and they believe they got everything and no cervical cancer was found! Which was a massive relief as the waiting was driving me mad!

Being on the other side all I can say is just try and occupy yourself (easier said than done) but I just had to take each day as it came, I would fill my time with reading, watching films, napping haha! I work from home so midweek in the days I was always focused on work which helped but as the evening came I’d be crying with feel anxious etc so I just tried to fill my time up with stuff!

Hopefully you get your results soon and fingers crossed it’s good news!! Look after yourself x

Hi Muirenn,
I am in the same boat but 2 weeks after LLETZ for CIN 2&3.I’m dreading the brown envelope arriving!!