Consultant appointment questions for tomorrow

I was recently diagnosed and given a staging from biopsy, the MDT was held a few weeks ago after my MRI and CT, it has been decided a radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal is the way forward.

I haven’t seen a consultant since my initial diagnosis so requested a telephone appointment which is happening tomorrow. I’m sat writing a list of questions and concerns and wondered what others have asked in case I miss anything important?

Hi alwaystheweekend

One of my my fears was develping lymphodema (unluckily I did) as a result of removal of the pelvic lymph nodes. The risk for lymphoedema is reduced if just the sentinel lymph nodes are removed so that might be something you wish to discuss.


Hi Jazza,

Thanks for the reply, I’m sorry that has happened to you. It’s not something I have much thought about up to now so thanks for the suggestion, I’ll most certainly ask about that