Help! choice about lymph node removal


My radical hysterectomy is tomorrow. It's been a bit of a rush so i've only seen the consultant who will be carrying out the prodedure this afternoon. She has a difference of opinion with my other consultant about whether the lymph nodes should be be removed during surgery. They wont know if my tumour is malignant until it has been biopsied after surgery. She is worried about overtreating me if it turns out not to be cancer and  putting me at unnecessary risk of lymphodema. She said if cc is confirmed at the biopsy she can do a futher procedure in a few week to remove the lymph nodes. Two operations in a row sounds gruesome but having lymph nodes removed if i dont need to dosent sound great either.

I know this is small fry compared to what some of you are going through, but it could be life changing if things go wrong. 

I hate decisions....


Could they do a sentinel node sample? A sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread  from your tumour. I think the idea is that if they are clear the ones that come after are likely to be clear as well.

I have lymphodeoma and although it's probably the least of my problens, I do hate it intensely. It's very ugly and uncomfortable. So if you can safely avoid it I would even if you have to have two operations. That won't matter in a few years, you will barely remember, but lymphodoema is for life.

Good luck with it all,

Karen xx


Thanks Karen 

Your responses always seem very honest and rational. And I can see with what you've been through that if it's a big deal to you then it isn't something trivial. 

I was thinking of asking them if there is the option of them removing less. I will do that tomorrow xx

Good luck to you!! I hope everything goes swimmingly!

Its postponed till next Tues. I've got a cold that I haven't managed to shift and the anesthetist didn't want to risk giving me a chest infection. I'm now off to enjoy the sunshine ☀ 

Oh that's a pain!! But deteriorating next week. So go for it!!

I had lymph nodes taken out and I had to undergo chemorads.  I did contract lyphedema after my treatment.  My doctors are not sure if it was the surgery or the radiation that led to the lymphedema--or it could have been a combo of both.  I can tell you that I would do whatever I could to avoid getting lymphedema.  It is no party, but it is manageable.


Thanks for the response. I had the nodes removed at the time of the op. I just couldnt face the thought of a second procedure if histology confirms that the tumour is cc. The thought of them opening up the wounds again just grossed me out. I'm waiting on hystology at the moment and i'm hoping I made the right decision. If it turns out that the scans gave a false positive then I guess i will be rejoicing not having cancer and not complaining that i've been over treated.