Can anyone help me?

It’s always the way, when your in with the consultant you can’t think of any questions you need to ask. 24hrs later and my mind is all over the place again.
I did have good news with the 1b cc being removed from the cervix apart from microscopic amount that the mri couldn’t pick up. On the otherside, theirs a lymph node large so he wants me to have that taken out for biopsy. Yes sounds good as will probably be fine. So I asked will he take them out with hysterectomy? Apparently not. He’s doing a separate lymph nodes removed first. Then if fine then a hysterectomy. If not radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Consultant said it’s best if I need that so it’s easier for the radiation treatment. But if everything is fine maybe he wouldn’t do the hysterectomy. Am I just over thinking. I feel like I’m stupid for not understanding everything that’s been said. Or I’m pushing him for a hysterectomy. Surely if you’ve been 1b but gas not spread you are instantly given a hysterectomy. Sorry going mad today, when really should be overjoyed. It’s been such a roller coaster. Even the consultant said he was shocked as he was expecting to be a higher stage than 1b as he said their was tumor involved. But their was nothing to see. What’s going on?

All very confusing isn't it, I'm the same, can't think of anything when I see consultant then I find I have millions of questions I wish I had asked. Do you have a cancer nurse specialist? I've found mine a great help. If not phone the clinic on Monday and leave a message for the consultant and ask him to ring you, better than driving yourself crazy till the next time you see him ( I know easier said than done!)

mine was 1b1 and there was no question that it was always going to be a radical hysterectomy as long as it hadn't spread to lymph nodes.

fingers crossed all ok and you get some answers asap x

Hiya :-)

I hope I can help here. Taking out a lymph node for analysis is not very intrusive surgery and it doesn't take very long for you to recover from that. If the lymph node tests negative then you will go ahead with your hysterectomy as planned. However, should your lymph node test positive, that puts you in another class, best treated with chemo-radiation. If you are going to be treated with chemo-radiation then a hysterectomy would delay your treatment because you would need to recover fully from fairly major and intrusive surgery first. There is very little point in having both types of treatment, though I have because I am in Greece where everybody is a little bit bonkers :-)

Does that make sense?

Be lucky :-)

Thank you both of you. Got a lovely nurse unfortunately she's on holiday. But will email her. I was just wondering if my consultant might just do another lletz if theirs just microscopic amounts left,or he's just doing a hysterectomy because Id like gone. But really as much as I'd like everything gone not sure if going through the menopause with all that has gone on so far I'd be a mess. I'm 42 and have been sterilised 13 years back after 5 kids. So really I don't need it. And I know if I have radiotherapy my periods would stop too. All these things we question what's right what's best. I guess I can't control what's going to happen but would like to stay in abit of control of my treatment. Well as much as I can.