Constant bleeding and confusing results

A while ago I had a smear and it came back CIN3 and I was booked in to have LLETZ the next day. The doctor took a very large area of cervix off and result came back CIN3 and it was all removed. Was on yearly smears for a while then back to 3 be yearly. Last year I started bleeding (been taking the combined pill straight through for about 15 years with no periods) and had issues with bleeding for months on end. Got sent straight to colposcopy. Doctor said she saw cell changes but didn’t do a biopsy and instead just a smear. Smear came back negative for HPV so cells weren’t tested. I was discharged. Since then I’ve still been bleeding, nearly constantly. Tried taking break from pills, sometimes that stops sometimes it doesn’t. I nearly always bleed after sex and even without any penetration.
Went back to speak to GP they recommended changing to mini pill but I’ve read that can cause worse bleeding so don’t want to do that.
It’s really affecting my life (and my sex life) but I feel like I’m constantly fobbed off and I can’t understand, if the doctor saw cell changes why a biopsy wasn’t performed? Has anyone got a similar experience/better luck getting the doctors to do something?

Not enough imo, I’d be asking the GP to refer to gynae and push for a biopsy, or go privately if you’re fobbed off. Don’t leave it.

A smear is a screening test for women without symptoms. If you’ve got bleeding you’ll need further investigation. Some of these GPs baffle me

Thanks, I agree. What’s more baffling is that it was the consultant that fobbed me off. It even said in my letter after my first appointment that she could see cell changes then when the smear came back negative for HPV she just said come back if it’s still happening and we will remove them (which I thought was weird as cell changes aren’t meant to cause symptoms?) but when I went back the GP just said “the consultant couldn’t see any cancer, it’s probably your pill” the pill I’ve been on for 22 years with no issues. Argh. So frustrating.

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I’ve been told call changes don’t cause symptoms but no one could ever explain how the post coital bleeding I experienced led to a biopsy and diagnosis of CIN2/3 :thinking:
It’s not very reassuring, I sometimes feel like they don’t know an awful lot about HPV/cell changes etc.

Also, there are ladies who’ve been diagnosed with cancer that is literally microscopic sized cells :thinking: so how ridiculous to claim that the consultant couldnt ‘see cancer’ (especially when they didn’t even do a biopsy, just a literal look with her naked eyes?!) and fob you about this pill nonsense!? I def wouldn’t be happy about this, time to advocate for yourself and be a little bit pushy until you get a proper answer. Hopefully it’s nothing major but I certainly wouldn’t be happy to leave it. If I’d listened to my consultant in 2016, God knows when my CIN2/3 would’ve finally been picked up.

I had similar issues with pain and bleeding before I got my CIN3 removed. The cramps and contact bleeding I had had for years stopped as soon as it healed…well until now!
I was told the CIN3 couldn’t cause bleeding or pain too.
Mind you, I was also told that an ovarian cyst (that was over 20cm) couldn’t cause pain too and I likely had IBS :joy:
I do just feel sometimes that we are fobbed off with ‘womens issues’
I had hoped somebody might have had a similar experience with irregular bleeding on the pill. I’d even wondered if it was perimenopause but was told that was highly unlikely at 37 despite all my other issues. Frankly I’d just like an answer either way but I doubt I’ll get one

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