Recurring Symptons - HELP

Hi Everyone,

I’m feeling a bit bewildered at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s just anxiety/paranoia after having CIN3 previously (July 15) and the worry that it will return but in May I started having bleeding in between periods (wasn’t on any contraception) so they did swabs for all the usual stuff which was all clear and they referred me to Colposcopy to rule out the return of CIN.

When I went there I was bleeding but they were able to do the appointment still and they said I had a ‘perfect doughnut’ after my lletz treatment and all looked fine although no samples were taken and I didn’t have a smear. I continued to have bleeding between periods but as the doctors couldn’t find out the cause, I then went on the pill to a) control it and b) met my boyfriend. Since then I have had new swabs taken as with a new partner and they are clear but I am now starting to get pain during sex again and the same back pain I used to get before when I had CIN3.

I’m sure I’m just being really paranoid and everything is ok but I’m really worried that I do still have CIN3 but its higher up past the cervix and they didn’t get it all if that makes sense? I’m not sure how medically sound that is by the way it’s just my (probably irrational) fear.

I have a doctors appointment today and I’m going to ask for a smear, even though I’m sure they won’t give it me. I doubt they will send me for a colposcopy again!

Any advice or thoughts would be really appreciated x

There are 2 types of cells, squamous cells which are in the end of the cervix and glandular which are further up inside.  It is the glandular cells which are harder to pick up cell changes on.  This could tie in with what you are referring too.  At colposcopy it is also difficult to see these changes.


i would probably return to your dr and ask for a referral to gynae.  I know there is a type of procedure that can scape cells from this difficult area which can then be checked.  It's not the lletz treatment.  


Hopefully someone one else win much more knowledge than me can give better advice. 

HI Sillyname79,


Thanks for your message :) I went to the doctors and they saw some contact bleeding when they took swabs so I've been referred again to Colposcopy. I will certainly speak to them about testing further up! 

Thanks again x