Confusion regarding HPV status


My 2020 smear was clear/negative HPV, but after I gave birth, I had some bleeding so I went to the doctor. This was in 2022, and was referred to colposcopy due to the doctor thinking she saw something on my cervix.

Colposcopy found CIN1, and I was referred for a smear in a year.

However I then got pregnant with baby no 2, so I attended my recent smear last week. The nurse was confused because she was unable to find any HPV screening results from 2022 when I had my colposcopy.

Anyway, my results are in and there’s no HPV found. Therefore I will not have the cell check for further abnormalities.

I just wondered if this is something I need to worry about at all? I suppose my question is, do I just assume I had HPV in 2022 due to having CIN1 that cleared, or if I did not have HPV, then should I ask for a cell check on my recent smear?

Thanks for the advise in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Em!
Hope you’re okay. Do you know what happened at your colposcopy eg the vinegar solution was put on your cervix and/or a biopsy

I may be wrong but I believe that non HPV changes can be highlighted by the vinegar solution so like other inflammation as well as HPV changes if they are there. But if you had a biopsy I think that would only be able to show HPV related cell changes