Confused about all of this

hey all,

So I am wondering if anyone can help me.

I am 26 years old. I have had the HPV vaccination when i think I was 17/18.

I have been having symptoms which I was concerned about, pelvic pain, cramping with and after intercourse. Irregular bleeding. 

I went for a pelvic ultrasound nothing was found apart from I wasnt emptying my bladder properly. The same day I went for my first cervical smear. Nurse said it may not show up due to me having the pelvic ultrasound beforehand and i may have to come back.

The nurse said i was bleeding a little which I said was normal for me recently and this is why i had come for my smear. 

She said that I had cervical ectropion which she explained what it was and said this will be what is causing my symptoms. But will see when my results come back. 

But now a week later I get a letter to say that I need a colposcopy as I have abnormal cells and high risk hpv. 

I am just wondering whether cervical ectropion can show abnormal cells in a smear? Or if these abnormal cells are different to cervical ectropion.

I have my colposcopy in 2 weeks. So have a while to wait yet. But i just dont really understand what is happening.

Thank you in advance x