FIRST TIME POSTER - abnormal cells seen during colposcopy and ectropion covering 95% cervix



Not sure if this is the right place I'm unsure we're else to ask I'm 27 with 2 beautiful children and for the last few months I've been spotting inbetween periods, abdominal pain and excess cervical mucus. 

I've had previous gynae problems including bleeding after intercourse a few years ago I have a private smear, colposcopy & biopsy which was all fine apart from a small ectropion back in Nov 2014 then another smear routine in Jan 2015 again clear I then had an ultrasound which showed a cyst and keyhole surgery in Feb 2015 to check for endometriosis which again showed a few adhesions but nothing else everything was then left 

Fast forward to Jan 2017 

Whilst taking the pill I've had spotting & cramps outside of my period, gp looked at me in June and confirmed that she could see the ectropion and wasent concerned but would book me in for colposcopy to be safe from June to now I've had slight spotting, cramping, back ache & discharge 

I went for me colposcopy today stupidly enough thinking nothing would be found the lovely nurse confirmed the ectropion now covers 95% of my cervix and close to the opening we're a few patches that turned slightly white (her words) she also said these could be inflamed patches ? she took 2 biopsys which have been sent but will take 4 weeks to come back

I suppose my questions to you are 

1. Could inflammation of the ectropion have caused the cells to turn white 

2. Could cancer have formed that quickly after 2 smears and a biopsy 2 years ago 

3. Any advice to get me through the next 4 weeks as I'm an absolute wreck we're currently having an awful time with my 10 month old who has just been diagnosed with rare scoliosis and all I can think is that I'm not going to be here to help him 

Sorry it's long I don't no who to talk to or what to ask I'm so scared :-( 

I don't know about the ectropion stuff but I do know that the acidic solution they put on your cervix during the colonoscopy turns abnormal areas white. I've been told the solution is something similar to vinegar.  But abnormal is a very broad category and does not necessarily mean high grade changes (CIN3 etc). The contrast solution is just to show them where a problem could be but it probably doesnt tell the doctor much beyond that. That's why they take the biospies. In cases where a recent pap already indicated high grade changes, they might do LLETZ/LEEP right then and there or urge you to schedule those ASAP. They didn't do that with you so try not to fraek out too much. Some abnormal cells can clear up on their own without people even knowing they had them in the first place. Supposedly, it takes a long time for cells to become full on cancer. I know it's impossible not to worry right now. But do try to relax as much as you can. It's better for the immune system.