Conflicting test results(low, high and different strains)

Hi all,

A few months ago, I’ve been diagnosed with high risk HPV and borderline changes as a result of my routine smear test with NHS. Following that my colposcopy results came back with CIN 1.

As I read more about HPV strains I wanted to understand what strain(s) I have and took a few other tests as below:

1- March 2022: NHS(Panel Test, still not sure which strains are in the panel although I know that it’s only for high risk HPV) . Results: High risk HPV found. I spoke to my nurse and she said that I must have either HPV 16 or 18.

2- April 2022: Private test from The Doctors Laboratory(Detailed).

Results: HPV 43 and 54 which are low risk.

3- June 2022: Home kit from Super Drug(The panel test you had with Superdrug includes the following subtypes: 26, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, 69, 73 and 82).

Results: High risk HPV. Doesn’t say which one.

4- August 2022: Another HPV test with The Doctors Laboratory.

Results: HPV 43 which is low risk.

During this time I have been very cautious and haven’t had unprotected sex and had 1 partner only.

The conflicting results is confusing. All I wanted to know was the strain and after 4 tests I still have no idea… Has anyone else had conflicting results like I did? Would love to hear your recommendations on a reliable lab that can test the strain accurately.

Thank you

My private one for high risk came back positivr then the second detailed one gave high and low risk. I had 6, 54, 56, 58. I read hpv 54 is sometimes classed as high risk but it might be worth finding out if nhs makes that classification in which case maybe you only had 43 and 54, not 16/18.

If I were you, I’d contact the Doctors lab and ask if they can explain why their results don’t match and if you can repeat it (for free).
That said, I’m not sure it matters that much which ones you have, only if they are high risk.

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