November 27th, I had a pap test and pelvic test, and during the test she asked me if I bleed after sex..I said I don't know as I am not sexually active...With that question,  it made me think she saw something to indicate that I would, but I overlooked it until I got the call about my pap test. 

Fast forward to December 17th, I get a call to go for a colposcopy and biopsy on January 11th as I had high grade cells...I went for that and told to go see her in 3 to 4 weeks for results, but 3 weeks later I got a call to go for a leep treatment and that was scheduled for February 8th...

Come February 8th, I go for the leep but when she was doing the colposcopy, she told the nurse she is just going to give me a biopsy and not give me the leep like planned, and right after looking through the colposcopy and biopsy, she give me another pelvic (like she was feeling for something after looking).

After the procedures, I asked her what is up, she said the whole cervix is white and she is going to give me a cone treatment while I am asleep. I asked her if it is cancer and she said no she didn't see anything like that and that it is high grade cells...She did not set up an appointment for the cone biopsy as she just said come see me in two weeks...

I am concerned about all the wait time of appointments and not yet being treated...I know she would have to wait for the second biopsy results to come in before giong through with treatment, but I am concerned that if I wait too long as she keeps scheduling me for things that it will turn into cancer before it gets done...Can she see if it is cancer through colposcopy?  and would she be confident enough to allow the wait time that it will not turn into cancer between getting results and appointments before I get my treatment?  My first biopsy and obviously the pap showed no signs of cancer because I asked her, but that was in November and January where I had the biopsy.  Can someone please help me with this if you can? 

To me, it sounds like another part of the cervix became abnormal that she felt it with pelvic to make sure it was nothing and took another biopsy on that part. Could I be correct in assuming this is why she did all this?  This makes me worried because if the abnormal cells became more abnormal from  January 11th to February 8th, so quickly, it makes me wonder will it turn into cancer that quickly as well...I also have abnormal bleeding, but I am also a 50 year old woman and this could be normal for my age as I am in the perimenopause stage, and I have fibroids,  but with going through all this, it makes my mind work overtime a bit.  

This is scaring me a bit because I read with people getting results of CIN 3 yet after treatment it turned out it was cancer...If she is waiting all this time from Nov to present time, could it turn  into cancer and spread? I lost a mother to cervical cancer, so I guess I am more scared then most, but if anyone could please answer this and help me understand it. 

Hi. I am so sorry that you are going through such a distressing and confusing time. I think your doctor knows exactly what she is doing it is important to have all test results before deciding what the treatment needs to be. She must be confident that the changes and symptoms you have will not become worse in the time that you are having to wait. Most ladies on this forum will tell you the waiting is the worst. So in the mean time be kind to yourself do nice things to distract yourself and try not to worry too much x

The waiting is not hurting me, it's not distressing me...My concerns are she was going to give me the leep, but decided after looking again that she will give me the cone as she stated my whole cervix is effected.  So my question was, will it get worse if it got worse by speading to my whole cervix and then all of a sudden spead into cancer, and can she see if it is cancer through the colposcopy? 


It does sound to me like the area is larger than she thought or that she suspects that it may be something more, or she is erring on the side of caution to rule out invasion before treatment. We could speculate for ages, but we won't know until your biopsy results are back unfortunately.

I am absolutely analysing everything that my doctor said or did whilst I was at my appointment and I'm trying to work out what it means. We have to put our faith in them and trust that they know enough to get rid of this stuff.

They can't differentiate between HSIL/CIN 3 and microinvasive/invasive cancer sometimes in colposcopy. Only histology can do that. Your biopsies will give you a great indicator of what you're dealing with and the cone biopsy will tell you for sure. Regardless of if it's high grade or an early cancer - the cone is highly likely to remove it all. Try and take some comfort in that. xxx


Thank you for your reply...This is what is concerning me because she took a biopsy on January 11th and that showed high grade, and she schuduled me for a leep February 8th and decided against it and took another biopsy after looking through the colposcopy...Could it turn into invasive cancer so quickly from January 11th of the first biopsy until February 8th?