Colposcopy results

Hey everyone,


I posted before about my colposcopy and taking a biopsy. I have severe abnormalities and bled a lot and the doc couldn't  finish the biopsies. Anyhow he said he'd write to me after 4-8 weeks. However I got a phone call last night after 2 weeks. Said the biopsies didn't show any cancer but due to size of abnormality and amount of blood he would be doing treatment under GA.

Could this still end up showing cancer?

What will happen after treatment? Will they test anything? He's doing it within 2 weeks and said it needed treating asap.

I can't rest my mind that its nothing sinister. 


I wouldn't worry to much until you know more. Something similar happened to me. When my pap showed abnormal cells, I had a biopsy and colposcopy that showed high grade cells. I was scheduled for a leep within 3 weeks  of results coming in, and when I went in they found the leison was too big so they took another biopsy and pelvic test instead and those results showed no cancer, so I was scheduled for a cone biopsy which I  had done yesterday (2 months after my last biopsy)...I, too, also bled more then usual with each biopsy, and pap test...Not sure why that happens or if it was caused by the abnormal cells, or the fact that I had excess blood on uterus from years of my period because the doctor also give me a dilette and curretage (D and C) yesterday the same day as the cone biopsy,  as she said there was a lot of excess blood there that she wanted to clean out...I will keep you in my prayers and hope everything turns out...Keep the faith...

We always think the worse, as I know I did so it's understandable of your fear, but nothing you can do really until you get results from doctor...My guess is if he said "it's not cancer", I would trust that as biopsies show if it is cancer...Getting you in quicker could mean they want to take care of it as soon as possible before it leads to cancer...Also with your blood loss, if this is causing it, could also warrent an emergency treatment as loss of blood is a whole different problem in  it's own...Keep us updated. I wish you well.

The treatment you are probably going to have is the same as me (cone biospy) which is under GA...I was terrified and literally cried yesterday of being put under, the whole procedure and everything...It turned out it was nothing...Doctor put the oxygin on, and said I would be asleep within 20 seconds (haha) don't think it was even that long...All I remember is my eyes opened thinking well he best give me some more cuz I don't even feel myself drifting, and anothing thing I remember is my name being called and it was over...Very mild cramping after with light brown period blood following...Advil or Tylenol can help with mild cramping...I didn't even feel groggy when I woke up...They monitor everything...After the treatment, yes, it is a possibility it could be cancer as they have to send it to get tested; however, the cone biopsy could remove it all and you won't need anymore...When  they say cancer they found, it could be an early stage where the cone biopsy is the treatment...I  had 2 biopsies, one after my pap test, and one when  I was suppose to get the leep but found out the cells were more abnormal then she thought, but she opt to do a biopsy instead...And both proved no cancer...I got all my results from her and those were the first words out of her mouth...She was confident it wasn't...I must also mention, I had a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound due to my heavy periods and biopsy on uterus, and there was no sign of cancer with the biopsies on cervix...Fibroids are causing my heavy periods which was found  on pelvic utrasound

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, waiting for it is the worst!! I'll keep you posted and so glad for you that it turned out not to be cc. Xx

yes, the waiting is the worse as it was for me too. I'll keep you in my prayers that all goes well with you