Colposcopy Result and follow up smear timings

Hi, just after some advice if anyone has experienced anything similar :blush:

I’m 28 and went for my routine smear in Nov 2023 (only my 2nd one) and results came back stating I am HPV positive with borderline changes, and referred for a colposcopy.

Attended my colposcopy in Jan 2024. The colposcopist found 2 areas of white patches and took biopsies and informed me they look like CIN 2 or 3. Naturally my head went into overdrive and panicked as how can I go from borderline smear to CIN 2 or 3 in the space of 7 weeks. Even in the letter to my GP states colposcopist opinion CIN/high grade, and to await results (3-4 week wait time).

After what seems like weeks of worrying and overthinking the worst, I recieved my results back today (3.5 weeks later) stating no abnormalities found, normal tissue and HPV effect, with a further smear to be repeated in 3 years.

I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience as I feel that 3 years is too long for a repeat. I thought it would have been a repeat in 6 months or a year, especially seen as I am still HPV positive. Has anyone been able to request a smear earlier than recommended or would i have to go private. I just wanted to see others experiences before i speak with my GP.

Thanks guys :blush:

Hiya… I’m in the same situation, except I’m 59. Had a colposcopy and told everything looks ok except still got hpv, so put back to smears. I asked if that would be yearly and she said no I would have to wait 3 years. Wasn’t happy about that and said I wanted to be seen yearly. Was told I can’t on the nhs as if colposcopy shows it looks ok even with still being hpv positive it’s back to not to being seen again for 3 years, usually 5 for my age group. Because of the worry I paid for a smear, colposcopy and biopsy myself last year, even though I couldn’t really afford it, but needed pieces of mind. Will pay for a private smear again this year to, as my 3 years aren’t up till December 2025. It’s not right to have to do this, I think if you still have hpv you should be tested every year on the nhs😩


Thanks for your reply :blush:
I will try and book in with my GP and express my concerns. My mum also tested HPV positive at her last smear but no abnormal cell changes and she needs a repeat smear in a year’s time, so I dont see how we differ.
Its a strange one. And more so in that happy that nothing was found but then worrying that we’re being left for 3 years when God knows what could happen.
If my GP says no, i may just have to go private as i dont want to constantly worry. Hope things all go well with you x

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Hi, i had a smear every year after the first one came back positive for hpv, after the 3rd came back positive i was sent for colposcopy/biospy, i would definitely ask for one every year hun, im surprised they’ve not done that for you, they need to monitor you every year x


Thank you. Can I just ask, after your colposcopy, did you still continue to have yearly smears? x

Yes i did hun, after the colposcopy and biospy they discovered i had cin1 too, had another smear a year later,so in total i had 4 smears over 4 years so you should absolutely be having one every year to monitor the hpv, if the gp denies this asked to be transferred to gynaecology x


I went to my own doctor to ask if I could have it yearly. She said she would look into it for me because of how worried I was, but came back to me with December 2025 with the NHS. She said if I wanted one before it would have to be arranged by myself privately, so I know there’s nothing I can do about it. If there had been something there when I had my colposcopy other than hpv, like cin1 I would have been seen the next year😩

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NHS - blessing and a curse. I will take both you lovely ladies advice and try and get yearly smears with my GP, if not, private it is


Hiya, I just joined the forum. I am 58 this year and got the results - smear txt Oct’23 in Jan’24. HPV high risk and changes to cells- cervix and so Colposcopy required initially within 8 weeks. Currently, recovering from a fractured righ arm! So my world somehow stopped. Today, another letter waiting list within 17 weeks ! I am in Glasgow. Thinking to go private. Which is not right as I pay like many high taxes :frowning: but my health is more important. That is physically and mentally!

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