Borderline & HPV result - next app in 3 years?

HI Ladies,


Not sure if anyone knows the answer.


I had my first abnormal smear for the first time and aged 41, the result also showed HPV infection so I was refered for colopscopy.

That showed a very tiny bit of white and they did a biopsy.


I have just had the result back and it says the cells showed only minor changes and viral infection (HPV) and return to my GP for smear in 3 years.

I was really surprised by this as was expecting a follow up appointment in 6 months or so, i'm now a bit worried that 3 years seems too long especially as I have the HPV infection.

Has anyone else had this result?


For anyone who was referred for same reason, just wanted to say the biopsy itself didnt hurt. I have been stressing over the HPV virus more than anything else so have changed my lifestyle. I have been reading up and building the immune system is key to getting rid of the virus, so vitamins A,C,E,D and Zinc.

Does anything think its weird to go back in 3 years for routine smear test after this result? I'm sure they know what they are doing just wanted some advise.


Hey :) your result sounds very similar to mine. I am 26 years old and had my first smear in October this year which came back abnormal. Low grade dyskariyosis and high risk HPV. I had my colposcopy and punch biopsies done and she also said to me that she thinks it's just the HPV virus that's present as the cell changes must have been that small to be seen through the microscope! I received my biopsy results which came back as low grade (CIN1) and they referred me back to my GP in 12 months time for a follow up smear. I too was wondering why they would leave it a year when I thought it would be 6 months? This is what I don't quite understand. I know they say that CIN1 can resolve itself and it usually takes around a year, it's still worrying slightly. I just hope it doesn't progress during that year! Maybe contact your GP and find out why they decided to wait 3 years? I'm calling mine tomorrow to ask the same question! Hope you get the answers your looking for.. Sorry I couldn't be more help! Just that I am in a similar situation! Good luck hun xxx

As Dani said, very low grade changes can disappear on their own as your immune system can usually get rid of it. The reason the checkups are so far apart is because it usually takes many years for any of the abnormalities to progress to something dangerous. That's why the national screening programme tests people every 5 years after a normal smear so they can catch any small abnormalities and deal with them if necessary. 

I'm more than certain you can go to your GP in a year and ask for a private smear test to be done if it would put your mind at ease. I know it costs you money to get it done privately but it's something to consider if you'd prefer to do it.