Colposcopy done yaaay

i finally had my coloscopy done today ,was very nervous but was fine I didn’t feel a thing not even the local injections ,got to wait six weeks for results but he said there is nothing invasive he can see ,

I must say if I hadn’t found this forum I wouldn’t have had a clue what he was saying to me so I’m so thankful I found it and knew what to expect and understood all the medical jargon he was using (I work in the hospital and never knew all this went on downstairs ).

I must say I was very ignorant about it all before ,I knew you had a normal smear or abnormal smear so assumed abnormal meant cancer I never knew all the areas between these so I have learnt something new from this site.

i will never be late for my smears again and will make sure I’m a advocate for smear tests and will make sure my 4 daughters get theirs done when they are old enough.

i cannot thank you ladies enough for all the posts I have read which have given me more information than anywhere else and all from the human perspective of people that have been through these things themselves which makes it easier to understand and relate to.

Today I realise i am one of the lucky ones ( fingers crossed ) and I wish you all the best on your journeys Kerry xxx

That's really brilliant news smile  

Hope you have a lovely stress free weekend.

Take care