Had my Colposcopy today :)


So I had my colposcopy this morning and I thought I'd just let people know how it went and for people like I was last week who are worrying and nervous what to expect. So my appointment was at 9am this morning (traffic was a nightmare - I was climbing the ceiling that I'd miss my appointment and have to come back in weeks and weeks time!)  We got there in time thankfully, I met a lovely lady I'd already spoken to on the phone called Sue and she was the lady who would be doing the colposcopy.

i went into the room with Sue and she introduced me to two other nurses who were working with her and looking after me while she did the procedure. We went through the usual questions - health, lifestyle and any history of cancer within the family. Then they popped the curtain round for me to pop my lower clothes off and sit in the chair and put the sheet over me. Then it was onto the colposcopy itself.  She started with the speculum (which one of the nurses had warmed up so it wasn't cold for me :)  ) and it was just like a smear test while she was looking with the microscope and we were chatting away about cars and family and stuff - she even stopped to join in the conversation briefly too which was nice lol


i was nervous about her finding my cervix as it took the nurse at my doctors FIVE attempts during my Smear with small and then large speculums! She got it straight away and said she didn't know what the nurse had been playing at, my cervix does tuck in to the left though apparently - handy to know I guess.  Anyway I'm babbling now so she inspected my cervix and put the solutions on it and I had changes just on the side of it which she was happy to remove with LLETZ there and then.  She explained this was when she would administer the local anaesthetic injection we had discussed and the nurse who was stood to my side if I wanted to grab her hand put her hand on my shoulder and started rubbing it which I thought was a nice distraction technique and next thing I know the injection is done! Well seriously it didn't feel like an injection or anything - it felt more like when they take the swabs during a smear that kind of uncomfortable but no sting or sharp pain which you'd normally get with an injection.  They put a pad thing on my thigh to monitor me? I think I'm not really sure what that actually did as I was too busy chatting away with them (oops haha) She started with the LLETZ and I couldn't feel any pain or anything at all just the movements inside but that's all.

 Next came the adrenalin rush they had explained to me I would feel as the local anaesthetic also has adrenalin in it. Wow my legs went really shaky and my heart sped up but that was all. My knees wouldn't stop wobbling which was rather annoying as I kept knocking her hand, but she said it was ok as they weren't knocking her much at all. She removed a piece about the size of a 20p piece but in more of a triangle type shape? she said she was very happy as I wasn't bleeding much at all - I'm glad about that too. She finished it all off and was all done and then she saw one tiny piece of cotton wool had stuck itself up near my cervix and would it move would it heckers like, she spent about 3 minutes trying to get it and eventually got it out and of course I started bleeding again so she sorted that out in seconds and then it was all done. They popped the curtain round again and left me to get dressed and when I'd got dressed she said that she was very happy with how it had gone and I asked her was it ok? She said it was just a small bit on one side that had changes and she had removed that so she was happy with it and that id receive my letter through from her with the results in 2 to 3 weeks and then it would be 6 months and back for another checkup.


i thanked her for her time and practically skipped out of the colposcopy room. My boyfriend was sat waiting for me in the seating area as was the nice nurse who had stood with my through the colposcopy and she had a nice hot cup of sugary tea and some Digestive biccys for me. She had even made my boyfriend one too which was nice. So in closing I want to say that for me it was a very positive experience in total it lasted 15-20 minutes for the colposcopy itself and just over half an hour in total. The nurses couldn't have been nicer and for me it didn't hurt at all and the whole thing was no more uncomfortable than a smear test. I shall update this thread when I get my letter - I'm praying it's good news as I already know pretty much from the smear that the cells are CIN 3 obviously this is a more accurate look at them but I hope it's all good going forward now this is completed.


thanks for reading and I hope this thread is a help?

emms x

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Great summery, that's exactly what gappened during mine, could have written this myself xx

Thank you, just what I needed to read! Have my colposcopy tomorrow morning and beginning to panic! Feel reassured now! Did tjey tell you to do anything in preparation for the examination? Thanks x


I had my lletz done today too. I had to wait between colposcopy and lletz though as they took a punch biopsy first.

Anyway, I could have written this myself too. Exactly how mine happened.

The leg patch is an "Earth wire" because they use electricity to do the lletz.

Glad you mentioned the shakey legs. That happened to me too.

It really was a positive experience considering how worrying this whole thing can be.

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Hi Sarah,

Im so glad my post has put you at ease a bit. It's all totally truthful and I'm sure yours will be just as positive an experience too!

No they didn't tell my anything to do prior to appointment so I just made sure everything was tidy down there lol, oh and shaved my legs - I had a dream I went with terribly hairy legs hahaha


Please let me know how you get on & good luck you will be fine xx

No way so I was the earth for the electric lol

Im glad yours was a positive experience too Hun & those shaky legs are well weird aren't they ?! X

Glad yours was a positive experience too xx

Oh the shaky legs really freaked me out! I couldnt understand why i went from totally calm, chillin on the chair to being completely unable to control my shaky leg haha! Me, the nurse and my consultant were sittin having a nice wee chat and a laugh after my biopsy when he decided to cauterise me cause im 'a bleeder' and couldnt figure out why the thing wouldnt work... then he realised he hadnt 'earthed' me... that just made us all laugh even more... my colposcopy experience was so good compared to what i expected and I trusted my consultant 100% so even the fact that he got distracted for a second didnt concern me in the slightest!

Thanks so much for writing :-) I did a similarly lengthy post after my colposcopy, in the hope that it might help people if they knew what to expect, but mine stopped at 3 punch biopsies and am now waiting for the results, so I didn't really know what the LLETZ would be like. Good to know it's not really any worse than the colposcopy/biopsy part!! That has put my mind at ease, just in case that's what the fates have in store for me next.

I didn't find the first appointment too bad, it's just a bit strange being able to feel someone touching bits of you on the inside, that no-one normally touches. By the sounds of your description, LLETZ is just more of the same!

Thanks again, your post was really helpful.

Hi Moggsy

Im so glad the post helped and yes dont worry able the LLETZ it's no different to the smear.

Good luck at your next appointment x


Just got my results back and it's CIN2, so I will have to go and discover the joys of LLETZ in a few weeks' time ....

Do you mind me asking how it went for you after the treatment? Were you able to go back to work the next day and any symptoms afterwards?

I have already postponed mine until after my holidays, because I'll be riding across France on a motorbike and don't reckon that'll be much fun a couple of weeks post treatment. I'm getting it done on a Friday so at least I have the weekend to get over it. The reason I ask is that I am self-employed, so no work, no pay! I'd like to have an idea of whether I am going to lose a few days' work on this or not, and whether I will feel back to normal after a weekend of resting up.

Thanks for your advice, it was really helpful by the way, and I am not stressing out too much about the LLETZ now as a result