Colposcopy all clear!!

Hi i posted here a few weeks ago saying I had a borderline hpv positive smear and had been referred for a coloscopy. I was convinced something worse would be found and have been worrying for weeks.

Well I had the colposcopy yesterday and no problems at all I couldn’t believe it! It was all over so quickly and not half as bad as I’d feared. I am now back to routine 3 year smears.

This forum has been so helpful! Xx

Yay!!! Great news.

Well done you for having your smear and taking care of yourself. Tell all your pals not to miss their smear tests. Apparently a lot of women don't get them and we need to change that.

Good luck!

i'm constantly onto my friends about it now, the one hadn't gone for 7 years! i literally dragged her to the dr! xx

Well done I just hope mine goes well tomorrow I had same smear results and I'm having colonoscopy tomorrow x

Good luck I'm sure you'll be fine xx