Smear results update


I got my smear results and my smear was normal but hpv is still present so back for colposcopy in a few weeks. I'm happy that the smear is normal but frustrated with the hpv, wish it would just go away. As much as I don't love colposcopys I do feel safer that they are keeping an eye on things.

Hi Sunny Day,

Just wanted to say yey!! Good news for a normal smear!! I didn't get an HPV test with my checkup smear (I don't know why, all the literature said I would) so I have to go back next year too - it's a bit disconcerting not knowing exactly where I stand, but as you know and you are still HPV+ it must be a bit disconcerting knowing too! As you say though - it's good that they're keeping an eye on you :) I feel quite reassured that I get another smear next year too lol. 

Good luck for the colposcopy! Looking on the bright side at least you know what to expect :)  x x x 

Thanks Becky Smile I'm an old pro at the colposcopys at this stage, I think I'll just have to get used to them. I'm surprised as well that you weren't tested for hpv, maybe they will on the next smear, I'd say it would be a huge relief to have it come back negative, in the meantime I'm working on boosting my immune system to get rid of it.

Just to update - I had my colposcopy and it was normal so I'm not back for a smear until next April. I wasn't expecting it I thought I would have at least needed biopsies but no, I feel a bit weird probably because I'd prepared myself for something showing up and it feels like a long time before I get checked again. I think I'm just afraid to let myself relax about it all for a while. Anyway I wanted to share the good news in case anyone in a similar situation comes along.