Colposcopy done - HPV changes


I had my colposcopy in Jan 15 and had the results back last week saying that they found HPV changes and that I 

need to go back for further examination. Can someone tell me please what this means as I'm worried they have found something worse or just as bad. 


Dec 14 - high grade/ severe dysarkoysis (moderate) 

jan 15 - colposcopy taken - results HPV changes, waiting for another appointment for further examination 

Hi bex,

I too was told i had low grade changes and also HPV

From what I understand , most women get this at some point but HPV is a sexually transmitted infection which in some cases , in mine anyway , HPV virus can be responsible for abnormal changes . Mine was classed a high risk HPV - was pretty gutted to say the least as had been with my partner for 4 years :-( most women clear the virus without knowing they have it others like me  had to have further treatment which in my case was a LLETZ procedure . To remove the abnormal cells and area .my consultant is hopeful that this will then get rid of it and encourage new cells to form . Had this done 2 weeks ago am now waiting for final results 

Hope this helps you a bit as I was upset and confused too .


Take care , Lorna x