Colposcopy booked

Hi everyone!

Im a newbie on here as I've just had my first ever smear and have had a letter telling me i have low grade dyskaryosis and evidence of HPV infection but no mention of low or high risk? I have my colposcopy appointment booked for the 14th August which has panicked me a little as it's less than a week away so makes me feel it's something bad?

Has anybody else had this?

Thanks in advance!

Jodie x 

Hi Jodie

I'm in a similar boat to you. I had my first smear, however i had high risk and HPV.

I had my colposcopy on friday, i don't think the date is anything to worry about. You must of been lucky with appointments.

And your doing the right thing by dealing with this ASAP!

I had to have a biopsy done. Hopefully if it is just the colposcopy it is like a bit magnifying glass for your cervix! haha and like a smear test.

I hope it all goes ok 


Ellen x :-)

Hi Ellen

thank you for your reply! Fingers crossed for you, I hope it all come back clear! 

I have my appointment tomorrow and I'm dreading it! I found out I have a tilted pelvis at my smear so made things a bit uncomfortable. So I'm hoping that it's over with ASAP! Will let you know how I get on.

take care :) xxx