Colposcopy/Biopsy Results - Confused

Hi - I am currently living abroad and struggling a bit to get clear answers out of the 2 Ob Gyns I have been to see since the first caught an abnormal smear in December and recommended a colposcopy, where they also did a biopsy. 

In the colposcopy, there were no "white" areas of my cervix at all, except directly at the opening, so that is where the biopsy was taken.

The Ob Gyn who performed the C/B procedure called with the results today and told me that the cells were pre-cancerous. She then said I have the following options:

1. Get an HPV test (highly undesirable for me in my current location as this country views it as an STI, the insurance will not cover it, and I am worried about a positive result affecting my visa status in the future)

2. Have a LEEP procedure without an HPV test

3. "Have a small part of my cervix removed, though that might not be good since I haven't had children yet"

I chose this doctor because she seemed better than the first (who did the smear), but I have a LOT of questions here, that neither is answering. I am really hoping someone can help me get a better handle on this:

1. What does "pre-cancerous" mean.?Does this mean they will turn to cancer if not treated, or is that not guaranteed?

2. What influence does being HPV positive/negative have on pre-cancerous cells/opting for a LEEP procedure? No one can explain to me why it matters if I am HPV positive or not. I had the Gardasil vaccine years ago, but I assumed that all of us have been exposed to HPV at some point over the years. That said, I have not had many sexual partners so I also don't know much about it. 

3. By "have small part of cervix" removed, is she referring to a Cone Biopsy?

4. Lastly, does anyone know any USA, UK, or German Ob Gyns in Abu Dhabi? (yea, this is a stretch, I know)


Any help really appreciated! Thanks so much in advance. I am actually pretty calm, I think, but the lack of answers is making me nuts - I shouldn't be using Google for this, I should be receiving medical advice. 

IIf you have abnormal cells you will probably have hpv. It's not an sti it's a virus. It won't effect your visa status. You have cin how bad it seems it's just 1. Do they offer cyro surgery. A keep is a bit extreme for a first treatment   

Yea, I don't feel that it is merely and STI, but the country where I live does. I can't change that, or their visa policies, etc. Not trying to get into a political discussion here - this is just the situation and I can't change it. 


Got test results in writing - thrilled to report CIN 1. Am encouraged to get HPV test elsewhere and investigate a small procedure to remove cells. Feel like I wasted everyone's time here who has actual cancer. Thanks, guys!