Smear results different to biopsey

Hi All,

Can anyone help. I am worrying about my results. I have routinely had smear tests which have been normal until my most recent one carried out 3 months ago which showed high risk HPV and abnormal cells. On the back of this I was referred to colposcopy, they informed me that they thought it was CIN1 but would like to take a biopsy to make sure.
My biopsy results have come back as ungradable and they can’t rule it out as being high grade. They say that the smear result doesn’t fit with the biopsy result and my report is being sent to the MDT meeting at the end of the month for additional people to look over it. The nurse said it isn’t cancer but they don’t know any more. I am trying not to worry but I don’t know what the issue is. Has anyone else had this feedback?

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Hiya , sorry i cant help you on this one but its good that they dont think its cancer, It sounds like you may need a procedure perhaps to remove some abnormal cells , However im sure you will get the proper revised results v soon . Good luck Nonie x


Thanks for the message, I have spoken with the nurse who has viewed the pathology report and says that I am high grade and they want a second opinion. I am worried that either the cells have changed between smear and biopsy or the smears have not picked up on abnormal cells in previous tests and that what ever is happening has been going on for a while as about 12 years ago I expressed some concerns to the doctors. I am sure I am getting myself worked up for nothing but mind is going into over drive. X

I had a somewhat similar experience. I have smear every single year since I was 29, and am now 32. Due to Covid my last one was delayed but not by more than a year. I’ve always been HPV negative and no cell abnormality. Last smear at my regular doctors office came back HPV positive and cell “inflammation” so they asked me to come back in 6 months to recheck. That showed HPV still but now HSIL, or high grade. I was shocked and terrified that in 6 months it had progressed that much.

I started seeing a gyno right after that as I now had changes that would need to be removed. He’s amazing and so knowledgeable. He told me the rate of change was nothing to worry about as sometimes it happens that way. And that also sometimes the smear doesn’t show as much as what the colpo and biopsy does. I ended up having CIN2 changes and had the LEEP procedure to remove them. The good news is that you are now aware of the changes and can go about having them removed so they don’t continue to change and you can move on with your life :slight_smile:

Hey, this happened to me. My smear came back low grade but then at my colposcopy the nurse said that she thought it might be more high grade but took a biopsy to see. Then my biopsy came back as CIN2 and they took it to MDT to decide if they wanted to do treatment or not.
At the MDT, apparently they looked at my smear again and decided it should have been graded high grade not low grade so decided they wanted to do the LLETZ procedure which I had done on Tuesday.
I get my results back in 4 weeks but the consultant said she wasn’t expecting to find any cancer x

Thanks for responding. I do hope you are OK and that the results come back OK for you, I will keep everything crossed.
It is all so confusing. Is it the first time you have had an abnormal smear? This kind of thing for sure gets you thinking in over drive. The MDT is on Thursday so i will find out the next steps then x