Unsure of what my results may mean..

hello ladies, just a question regarding my colposcopy I had on Thursday smears my last 4 smears (6monthly) have all came back borderline, and the latest one came back HPV positive. Question about my colposcopy, when the doc was looking at my cervix he said he couldn't really see where the abnormal cells were, there was an area he thought would turn white, but it didn't, so he was unsure where to do a biopsy, then he decided to do one in a dif place. I wanted to know if it's standard practise to do a ECC in a colposcopy in the Uk. As I'm thinking does the fact he couldn't see anything mean they are up in my cervix canal? also by him taking a biopsy does that mean he did see something? Waiting for the results now, yet you all know the waiting is the worst part. Hope everyone is ok xx

Hello hun.. I thought someone with a bit more advice would have maybe replied but seeing as they haven't, I'll tell you what I know :) I had my first ever smear last October an it came back abnormal with evidence of HPV. Cutting a long story short, at my colposcopy the nurse told me that I had high risk HPV and mild changes.. However, on examining me she said she 'couldn't really see much' and that she thinks it's just the HPV that's present, but she took 2 biopsies anyway just to check. So I think it is normal procedure to take more than 1 biopsy just to be sure. My results from my biopsy came back CIN 1 but I needed no further treatment and was referred back in 12 months time for a follow up smear as cin1 has the potential to return to normal on it's own without treatment. If you're concerned, contact the nurse who did your colposcopy and ask whatever questions that may be concerning you and I'm sure she'll ease your mind. It is quite normal though hun! Hope I have helped you somewhat :) if you need anymore advice don't hesitate to message me or speak to other ladies on here - ever how is great! Hugs to you xxx

I meant everyone is great! Lol silly iPhones xx

Hey, thanx for your reply :) to be honest I do think that the biopsy result will come bk as either normal or poss CIN1, I'm not worried though, I was at first but then after reading everyones story's on here I feel like whatever the problem is we just deal with it and the doctors all know what's best for us. I think other will just tell me to repeat smear / colp in 6-12 months Due to the HPV. I admire all the women on here I really do, n I wish u all the best ladies. Il keep u all updated incase anyone reads this in the future xxx

I'm glad you are feeling better about it! I had a colposcopy a few weeks ago, I have three spots of HPV and after the biopsy all came back CIN1. I was so reassured that the doctors were on the case they seem to know what to do and on the day they advised how bad it was - I have to go back for round two in 12 months like Dani. Definitely trust what they say - what you have to remember is that if it was really serious they would have picked that up and you wouldn't be waiting for results. I'm sure you are in good hands xx