Colposcopy after confirmation of HPV at 6 month check up

Hello I had lletz procedure back in February after confirmation of having abnormal cells I was then told in my results that the cells were CIN3. I had my 6 month smear check up a week and a half ago and today received results that I am still testing hpv and I need to go back for a further colposcopy. I am really frightened as I am only 27 and I haven’t had any kids yet and I have no idea what the next step will be after this. Please could anyone who has been through this let me know if this is just routine or if I will have to have lletz again. I also have endometriosis so after my colposcopy last time I was in a lot of pain and ended up getting an infection.

Hi @Hannah7

This is part of the normal protocol, all smear samples that are still HPV+ at test of cure are referred back to colposcopy regardless of whether cell changes have been detected

Does your letter say whether cell changes are present or is it just the HPV that has been detected? If its just the HPV its more to confirm that no cell changes have returned since completing the treatment… a second LLETZ would only be considered/performed if they happened to find more high grade changes, low grade changes, even at this point, are still only monitored xx

Thank you for your reply! It says that they couldn’t see any abnormal cells but would like to refer me back to the colposcopy department so I am worried as to why that was if they hadn’t found any abnormal cells! But it makes sense if you are saying they have to if I am still testing hpv.

Do you know whether this will just be to discuss what is next or will I be having a procedure?

Thank you

They will just be doing another colposcopy where theyll apply the solution again to see if theres anything to see just to make sure the smear is correct, theyre just being extra careful as the virus is still active, once they confirm it is correct they will discuss the next steps which is just to repeat another smear in either 6 or 12 months, you will be regularly monitored until you test negative again xx