CIN3 removed HPV present at 6 month smear check up

I have been having smear tests every year due to HPV. Last year I attended a colposcopy where CIN3 cells were found.
I had CIN3 cells removed with LLETZ over 6 months ago, I recently had my follow up smear test. Which showed HPV but no abnormal cell changes and I am having to go for another colposcopy.
Will this just be the same as the previous colposcopy where a sample is taken for further tests?

I’m the same had mine removed via LLETZ, but have abnormal cells and HPV positive on my follow up check at 6 months. Waiting for colposcopy appointment to come through. Bit nervous as thought everything was done and dusted. X

@Raquelle1986 It’s such a worry isn’t it! I hope your appointment comes through soon and that everything goes well for you x

Hello as far as I understand if they can’t see any abnormal cells they will not take a byopsy
My gynecologist told me that some people clear HPV after Lletz at 6 months but some take longer but if you don’t have abnormal cells that is good news and hopefully the next hpv test will be clear
She said it can take anything between 6 months to 2 years after Lletz to clear it
Good luck

I forgot to say that for me it was a 3 months check up after Lletz because I had no clear margins. they didn’t take a byopsy then because they couldn’t see any abnormal cells

@Hop1 thank you! I’ve had HPV present for the past 3 years without the abnormal cells so was referred last time. Then after the LLETZ my 6 month check up just showed the HPV. Hopefully they can’t see any this time. Thanks for your help xx

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