Hi has anyone had hair loss from this drug

I think most women who have cisplatin keep their hair. 

I am given Carboplatin which is another version of Cisplatin and I lost my hair after my first treatment. 

Hi, I had my second treatment yesterday and so far so good, I was resurree by doctors and nurses this is a very rare side effect of this chemo drug. Good luck xxx

To the best of my knowledge pretty much everyone on Carboplatin does lose their hair but almost everyone on Cisplatin keeps theirs, so they cannot possibly be the same medication. I am a 'big hair' woman and lost none on Cisplatin :-)

Be lucky :-)


I had 6 cycles of Cisplatin and I didn't lose my hair, it did thin out quite alot but I have thick hair so nobody noticed bar me, my hubby & my hairdresser. 

I was reassured I wouldn't lose my hair by the nurses & they were right so hope that's eased some worries for you.



I had 6 cyles of cisplatin and only lost hair from down below....the hair on my head was unaffected.


I think the hair down below comes out due to the pelvic radiotherapy rather than the chemo x 

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Hey there,

Im starting cisplatin on Wed. I was told my hair might thin a bit but it shouldnt fall out. Hope that makes you feel better.

I've got some lovely scarves, just in case. Our hair is such a huge part of our identity isnt it. 

Love Em xxx

Hmm ... I will have to ask my doctor about that. I may have been miss informed.