Cin3 twice in a row and all clear- my advice

Hi I've had cin3 followed by a colposcopy and upon 6 months smear it returned cin3! I was determined to get the all clear for my next smear and rid myself of that pesky HPV. And I did!!! I thought I'd share how I believe I got rid of it---

STOP SMOKING- even vaping this is a big one y(need to boost your immune system and this lowers it)

Drank 2 cups of cermonial grade matcha tea per day

High dose of vitamin C tablets daily

1 tablet of odourless garlic daily

Take Astragalus daily (miricle tablets!)

Take echianea daily

I did excercise a little more but apart from that I didn't drastically change my lifestyle. I think if trying these methods clears one person it's worth a shot! Xx

building your immune system is always good :). Glad you rid it!