CIN3 not all clear margins after LLETZ

firstly this forum has kept my sanity the past two months, thank you!!!

I had a colposcopy two weeks after my smear, the doctor saw I was recently married and asked me if I was wanting to start trying for a baby. When I told him yes he highly recommended not to have the LLETZ treatment, he then did the colposcopy and took 5 biopsies...he then sat me down and said I probably couldn’t wait and would have to have the LLETZ once they got my results. 

4 weeks later, I was asked to come back. A nurse saw me this time and said I needed to have the LLETZ even though I said I didn’t want it (which I never said but was on my notes?!). upon examining me she said it was too large an area (which wasn’t clear in my notes) and I’d need to come back and have it done under GA.


A week later I returned and had the procedure, I had so many side effects that i wasn’t informed about but luckily was able to read on here that it was normal (the feeling like you’ve wet yourself every half hour). Anyway, I was told I’d get results in 2 weeks to say if it was clear margins. Yesterday it had been a month and no result, so I called the hospital. A doctor called me back and seemed annoyed that I wanted to know. My results confirmed CIN3 and she said the margins weren’t clear, but it’s okay. When I said I wanted to try to conceive she said that’s fine, as if I were talking about a different body part?! I still haven’t received my results but she said I’ll need to come back in 6 months, that was it.

I keep getting mixed messages, why would I not be given my results, was I wrong in wanting to know them?! Is it normal to just wait even when margins aren’t clear?


sorry for such a long post