Doctor will not do a 2nd LLETZ- What does that mean?


I had my LLETZ for CIN3 on 16th Feb (still awaiting results). After it was done i asked what happens next. Doctor said that she is happy she 'got it all' and it will go for testing and i will get the results in 3-4 weeks. She said once we get the results, we can decide what happens next, if anything, but she defintely would not be doing a 2nd LLETZ. Why would that be? Like, is that a good or bad thing?

Hi KattyKit,

Glad to hear it all went well and the dr said she thinks she got it all - that sounds very positive :)

To be honest, after LLETZ there's nothing more they do if they have got clear margins other than invite you back for another follow up colposcopy in 6 months so I wouldn't worry. If she said she's defintley not doing a second LLETZ that must mean she got clear margins and no further treatment is needed, all good signs so breath and relax.

Lucy x

Thanks Jelly Bean. Yes, Ive read alot of these comments mentioning clear margins / unclear margins, but I had no idea what that meant, as that is not a term the doctor ever used.

Well, I finally had my return appointment (yesterday). Turns out there is CGIN too and the margins from the LLETZ were unclear. She said this is going to turn into cancer within 6 months. So next step is another LLETZ. I have not fully healed after the last one, so she did not do it there and then, but rather scheduled me in for 6 weeks time. She advised me against any pregancies in the near future. Yeah like sex is on my mind when I have been going through all this!