Cin3 lletz treatment: confusion over ultrasound and mri


First time posting and I'm just looking for a bit of advice/similar experiences. 

I had a smear in February of this year, this showed high grade changes and hpv and I had to go for colposcopy and lletz treatment. I am due to go back for the test of cure soon. 

Since my smear I have been for an ultrasound scan.  This showed 'cystic material' in my womb and cyst on my left ovary. Following this i was referred for a mri scan. 

Now this is where my confusion comes in. 

My doctor initially said that my mri was clear and they were not investigating any further. However I have spoken to my doctor this week who while on the phone read my mri report. This said "there was a shadow in vagina, thought to be a tampon". It wasn't until the phone call this week that I was asked if I was wearing one. To which I answered no. I do not use them, ive never been able to use them so it is impossible for this 'shadow' to be a tampon. 

I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences, as my doctor is not willing to follow this up even now knowing it wasn't a tampon.  Because of the cin3 diagnosis, I'm worried that there is something more sinister going on. 

Has anyone ever had this type of 'shadow'? Am I worrying over nothing 

Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you