CIN 3 severe dyskaryosis

Hi there, im a 39 year old mum of 3.
I had my routine smear last year which detected HPV, smear was repeated 1 year later (last month) it came back as still HPV positive and now also shows severe dyskaryosis.
My questions are…
Is it unusual for it to go from normal cells to severe dyskaryosis in 12 months.
Are lots of smears classed as “severe”
Should i be concerned my colposcopy is being requested within 2 weeks?

I can deal with whats to come whatever that may be…i just need those questions answered.

Thanks everyone im new here so hope ive posted/asked right x


I also had a severe smear. I had my smear test on the 14th and got the results on Monday the 25th and I was seen on Wednesday the 27th. I wouldn’t worry about being seen in two weeks, the colposcopy nurse who saw me said they were trying to get people in as soon as possible due to leave, so 2 weeks will be normal.
I don’t know about progression in terms of 12 months. I was on 3 years and mine came back as severe.

At my colposcopy they did an LLTEZ there and then to remove the cells, I’m just waiting for those biopsy results to come back.

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Thank you for your reply. Ive since posting that post now been told theres up to a 4 week wait even though my letter says if not heard within 2 weeks to contact GP??
Im so confused, i dont know whether to ignore it and not worry (but dont wanna set myself up for a fall) and equally i dont wanna worry myself sick for weeks.

I wish i could fast forward a few weeks and it all be over with or more clear.
Thanks for reaponding x

Hey @Newlywed30 I had the same timescales my first smear detected HPV 12 months later, HPV & abnormal cells I got an appointment for a colposcopy which was in 2 weeks, they did 3 biopsy’s at the colposcopy, that came back as CIN3, then had another 3 week wait for the LLETZ!

It’ll be 4 weeks on Thursday since I had the LLETZ, I had my results last week and it confirmed it was only CIN3 pre cancerous, no cancer found, got to have another smear in 6 months to make sure it’s all alright

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Thank you for replying, such a horrible lonely situation isnt it, glad yours wasnt cancer. Hoping for the same result.

But gutted the colposcopy clinic is “running behind” so got an extra 2 weeks to wait, its the waiting that’s driving me crazy now x

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Hi @Newlywed30! Sorry to hear your smear came back with severe dyskaryosis. Mine did too - HPV+ with high grade dyskaryosis (severe).

I had my smear on 28 Feb and received a referral to colposcopy on 11 March. I received my results for my smear test on 12 March.

My colposcopy was on 20 March and I am now waiting for biopsy results to see what’s going on. It’s an anxious wait, for sure!

I can’t comment on whether it’s unusual to go from normal cells to severe dyskaryosis in 12 months. I unfortunately let my smear lapse when I moved from Scotland to England (I absolutely should have been on top of it but honestly, I book them when I’m recalled and think no further of it in the meantime). In Scotland, they invite you every 5 years so I had one in 2018 and unfortunately was not still living in Scotland when I was recalled in 2023. NHS England is a totally different entity to NHS Scotland so I ended up at the beginning of a normal referral process here too. Long story short, I can’t access my previous smear results (and can’t remember if it was HPV+), and it’s been 6 years since my last smear.

I wouldn’t be too concerned you have been referred on the two week pathway. From my (extensive :sweat_smile:) googling, that’s the standard procedure for high grade dyskaryosis (severe or moderate). I also have read that most severe smear results are nothing worse than CIN3.

I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t able to give you an appointment within two weeks though! I don’t think it’ll be an issue in terms of making anything worse, but I know I was on tenterhooks waiting for my colposcopy! It’s the not knowing that plays with your mind for sure.

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@Newlywed30 yes it definitely does feel lonely, try find comfort from this forum, throughout the weeks I felt great comfort and support from reading others stories and replying where I could to help others!

Yeah me to so glad it wasn’t cancer although it is playing on my mind on “what if I have to do all this again” at my 6 month review, but I’m trying not worry but it is there in the back of my mind!

The waiting and anticipation is probably the hardest part, sorry that you’ve had to wait and extra 2 weeks, from what I’ve read it won’t make anything worse as they say it’s slow progressing!

Fingers crossed everything is fine :crossed_fingers:t4:keep us updated if you have any worries you want to just get of your mind! X

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Thank you x feels better just having an outlet on here x