CIN 2 High Risk HPV - LLETZ

Hi everyone,

I have been using this website as a source of comfort since attending my first ever colposcopy, and now I feel I need to write my story for further support. 

I am 27 and my first smear came back normal 3 years ago. My second one on 18th July came back as low grade dyskaryosis with high risk HPV. At this point I must have googled everything about HPV and felt upset that despite receiving the vaccine at 17 I still managed to contract it. 

I felt quite calm at my colposcopy where they took punch biopsies. I had bleeding and discharge for about 2 weeks and felt fine. I have just received my results which show a mixture of CIN 1 and 2 and a choice of treatment - either a routine check up in 6 months or a LLETZ. My appointment is booked for 19th September and I am definitely going to have a LLETZ because I am so worried about the cells getting worse if I leave them. 

I am generally someone that likes to be prepared but at the same time it sends me into bit of an anxiety spiral! But from reading the forums, I see just how normal this all is! 

I am just curious as to whether my cells from the LLETZ will be sent off and whether there is a possibility of those cells being more advanced from what they are. I've also seen stories of women that have recurring abnormal cells 6 months down the line. I am definitely worried my high risk HPV and whether my system will be able to fight it off.

Anyone else got similar stories?

Sorry I cant help much. My first LLETZ procedure will be happening today. If I have any helpful information afterwards I will let you know x

Thank you and hope the procedure went well!