CIN 1/2 for 2 years


It has now been two years since my first colposcopy. My first results were moderate CN2 and each six monthly colposcopy since my first appointment has come back with CN1 - I also have high risk HPV. I am only 26 and so far have not had any treatment - I understand sometimes LETZ is given if CN1 is present for 2+ years but this hasn't been offered (I have been told in part this is due to my age).

Should I explore the idea of treatment again or continue to wait and see - any advice very much appreciated. 

Hi i had suspected Cin2 and i am 40 they advised me that it is advisable for anyone over the age of 35 to have the cells removed so yes it may be due to your age, for me the thought of having something inside me that could cause cancer was scary and as much as i did not want the procedure im happy i went through it, if its an option for you i would concider as apparently the risk of it coming back is slim x