Chemo mix positive story

For all the ladies just starting the chemo mix treatment or about to start I have just had my scan results I’m 3 cycles into the treatment and have been told today that both the tumors have reduced in size which is excellent news
No side effects except for the hair loss n a little bit of constipation one day after chemo

Come on ladies lets kick it n hopefully keep it at bay for ever

Luv Michelle xxx

Hi Michelle,

I have just got back from having my first chemo mix. Reading this has put a great big smile on a tired face. 

Here's to more of the same news from you and others.

You are so right, we can and will kick it into touch and out of here forever.

Good luck and best wishes xx

Hi Erin 


ive posted on your last message I thought it was your 1st chemo mix yesterday im so glad you've started it is a long day the 1st one but does get shorter as the avastin gets quicker well that's how it works in the uk if your based here keep it up I'm sure you and the other ladies will get just as good results 

as I say onwards n upwards

Love michelle xx 

Yay! Great news Michelle :-)

Thanks Michelle, I saw your post after posting on this 1. 

I am indeed in the UK and am led to believe that all being well that the days will get slightly shorter but will always be fairly drawn out. I have a transfusion tomorrow as yet again anemic to less than half what I should be. 

Out of curiosity, did you have scalp cooling and if not how long did it take for your hair to go?

With the positive attitudes on here and the fighting spirit, I'm hoping there will be plenty of other stories like yours.

Love and best wishes


Hi erin

no I wasn't offered a cool cap when I quizzed one of the chemo nurses she said they are only available for certain chemos and as 2 of the chemo say definite hair loss it wasn't worth it 

my hair started to fall out at about 10 days after the 1st cycle and has it was long it came out in bundles so asked my hair dresser to shave it off as my head was a bit tender where it was coming out after she shaved it off the pain did ease but washed my head in tea tree shampoo for a few days which helped with the pain everyone is different so cannot say that yours will come out at the same time 

hope your feeling better after you transfusion 

live tried to keep my fibre and iron levels ok by eating more fruit walnuts brazil nuts a lot of humous as its made with chick peas changed potatoes to sweet potatoes and have roasted mushrooms and spinach on brown seeded toast for breakfast and plenty of milk and pomegranate to keep my platelets  up seems to be working 

hopefully theyll give you some iron tablets after your transfusion 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Michelle So good to hear the chemo is working for you. I am 9 weeks post last chemo. My hair has finally grown back but is completely white. I had been dying it all these years believing I was a brunette but sadly no. Anyhow a stranger complimented me on my hair being short and funky looking. Unbelievable but such a nice feeling. My post chemo scan was completely clear first time in 18 months so I was delighted. So happy with the treatment and can finally see a future. Hang in there as the last 3 months get a bit tough. Take care Jayne

Hi Jayne :-)

How wonderful that you can go from brunette to completely white without having to go through the dreaded badger phase :-) Friends and family who never dyed their hair went gracefully from colour through salt-and-pepper to silver but because I used to dye mine and then stopped abruptly had to go through a few years of badger. So glad that's over now!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Jayne 

thats brill news I hope I get the all clear after October not sure I'll get the it's gone from the doctor as its my lymph nodes so the plan is to try to contain it there so it doesn't spread to my other organs but you never know 

I can imagine the last few cycles it gets worse I noticed that after my 3 rd cycle it took me a couple of days longer to get back to normal 

can I ask do you think your feeling well again 9 weeks after its finished as we have booked a holiday 3 and a half weeks after my last treatment its just a relaxing holiday do you think that's a bit soon ? 

Hope my hair grows back white and not grey bet it's a good look 

thanks for sharing your positive result gives all us going through the treatment or starting hope 

hope you keep getting  all Clear on future scans for you 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi Michelle I did plan a few trips after treatment finished. 4 weeks after I went skiing with the kids and I was fine. I had trouble walking up hills in the resort due to shortness of breath which still effects me. At 8 weeks I commenced a 10 day hike and the shortness of breath was less marked. So a relaxing holiday will be an absolute breeze. I did notice that every day after 2 weeks I improved and feel near normal now. I have some problems with my feet due to chemo and my leg due to surgery but I just persevere. Back to work part time at 10 weeks. All this activity is me being desperate to put it all behind me - a feeling that I think most of us have. Jayne

PS I had it in 4 nodes 2 x para aortic and 2 pelvic plus disseminated in parametria which the chemo fixed. Got to love those Doctors. Jayne 

Hi Jayne 

gosh that's  amazing results xx treatment has moved on so far recently 

im looking forward to my holiday now thanks 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

All these post have made me so happy!! So glad the chemo os working for you all. I still havent started my chemo yet, o had a mRI last week amd seeing my oncologist to talk about the MRI and hopefully getting more of a indicator of when to start. I was advised by my doc to leave it at least 3 months after my surgeru which would be November due to start...hopefully wouldnt be too poorly over xmas....ive had a few set backs ibe had a awful chest virus/infection the last 2 weeks which has set me back and got me down...been abit depressed but hearing these messages have picked me girls keep me going

Love leeanne xx

Hi Leanne 

was wondering how you was doing sorry to hear that you've been poorly hope your feeling better now 

stay positive and keep us updated were all fighting together 

on and upwards 

love Michelle xx