Chemo mix 5th cycle

Hope you ladies out there are all doing well and staying positive

Well it was touch and go for a few days if I could have my cycle of the chemo mix as my platelets were low but after another blood test yesterday they had managed to go up high enough so I did my 5th cycle yesterday thank god

I asked my consultant on Tuesday if I can Invest in the avastin privately after my 6th cycle to which he informed me that it hadn’t been proven here that it works on its own but did tell me that after my 6th cycle if my scan as shown improvement again then as I’m on chemo to keep it at bay I can stay on all the chemo mix for as long it keeps working and I can tolerate the side effects and that he can lower the dose of taxol or carbo if need be this is the only way I can stay on avastin they will only give it to you alongside the other chemo so I’ll take it for as long as I need to and when it stops working then there’s other treatments available

Jayne I asked about a port which is probably the better option for me if I’m going to be having ongoing chemo as my veins are getting thin plus I like to go swimming so the port would be better as the other options you can’t get wet thanks for that info

Onwards and upwards
Love Michelle xx

Hi Michelle 

I'm glad to hear you are doing well enough to continue your chemo Mix. Hopefully you can get that port and be able to swim. It is so important to exercise as it does so much for us mentally as well as physically. You do sound so positive and strong. Stay well, keep posting as it does help others stay strong regardless of what there story is.  

smile and love life! 


Hi Michelle Surely you are not on your 5th month of Carboplatin/taxol already. It is strange how different Doctors offer different things. I don't think I could have continued with it after the 6th month/cycle. I turned a bit grey in colour not anaemic just at my limit of endurance. They are giving me 18 doses of Avastin. I'm not even sure why - I don't ask too many questions. I have no side effects from it. I am in the private system now, public previously and they tend to do things differently. The port's only worth it at the begginning of treatment which makes me think you are only 5 doses in. Get it if it's on offer. Swimming is fine you can't see it only feel it. I hope you have an oncologist who really listens to you. Jayne

PS I should mention mine doesn't even know my name Calls me by my first name even though I've used my second all my life. I've stopped correcting him



sorry if I've confused people I meant I've just had my 5th session  of the chemo mix I started my 1st cycle in July and have it every 3 weeks so what I thought would be my last cycle as I was originally told it was for 6 cycles would be the 20th of October but the consultant has said that he will keep me on the chemo while ever I'm able to tolerate it and it's keeping the tumors contained in my lymph nodes 

I haven't really had any side effects since starting the treatment just the low platelet count I know every one is individual and everybody has different side effects to others 

it's strange how things are done differently in all the different countries 

onwards and upwards 

love michell xx