Avastin? updated

Hey ladies!!!! Just an update on the avastin that I knew very little about... had a long talk with consultant at my last appointment!!! Last CT scan shows three lymph nodes with 'activity' but that results seem stable compared to last one. However she has decided that life from now on is basically going to consist of treatment, break, treatment, for as long as things stay the same. So I had my first dose of Avastin with taxol and cisplatin last week and plan is for 3 doses then rescan if I manage to tolerate them! So here goes round 3!!! X 

Hi lynnie. I have just had chemo 5 out of 6 taxol/carbo/ avastin. I have tolerated it well with manageable side effects. My research indicated that people had good results so let's hope it's true for us too! I found I was ok for a couple of days then I dipped, needed to stay near a toilet nd had achey joints. No sickness but my hair fell out for the first 6 weeks. I shaved it very short but never lost it all, which was a relief. Otherwise I have been ok. Good luck, keep us posted with your progress

karen x


Thank you so much for the reply. I'm actually only seeing it now. Yes will hopefully have good results for us! Due scan soon so will see then. Hope you are doing well x