Hi everyone!

Wow I’m actually writing a post! I have used this site as a place for support and reassurance but never have taken part until I just signed up and this is my first post!
I was diagnosed with abnormal high grade cells after a smear and then had a (traumatic) colposcopy with four biopsies taken, all showing high grade in a large area.
I then had LLetz under GA and have only just received a letter saying that yes it was high grade but they have also found high grade changes in the glands and that glandular changes will require further treatments and procedures.

I am now waiting to hear what next.

Naturally I am emotional, stressed, worried, I even feel alone even though I have a supportive partner and family.
Does high grade mean Adenocarcinoma in Situ? Will they need to take another biopsy as I understand the glandular cells are further up the cervix towards the womb? or will they just test the part they remove?

Also I am only 26 and haven’t had children yet and I have read that CGIN has a high chance of recurring as it can be difficult to monitor and sometimes they recommend a hysterectomy?!

I’m from NZ and am on public heath system, which is pretty fast moving, but I just want answers now!1 :frowning: I want to know that I am not alone :frowning: