Cervical Stenosis HELP

Hey all,

I need help please! So i had 2 LLETZ treatment 2023 and now my periods have stopped and i have severe, severe pains that last over 7 or 8 days and no bleeding!
Had my 6 month checkup with the Coloscopy dept and got the all clear TG, but they asked about my periods and I told them the above, they said my cervix and stenosed and would need dialiation.
They tried to help me out but the hospital was too busy and nothing since!
I have tried my GP and they are sending me around in circles!
Ive ended up in a & e with the pain and missed loads of work!
Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and how it was resolved?

Hi, I have struggled with stenosis. I had my LLETZ in 2020 and had emergency dilation in July 2022 and Jan 2023 and have been fine since. My gp was completely useless when i went to see them. First time my period got completely stuck I went to A&E and I got an emergency dilation the following day and the second time I went to see my consultant privately and he sent me to the hospital to get another emergency dilation!


Ah sorry to hear that, but glad you got sorted out! Its an absolute nightmare! A lady in the Colposcopy department actually helped me out and got referred as urgent and getting seen next week! Otherwise I would of done what you done! But in case it doesnt work, ill keep your advice in mind!
Thanks for posting, really appreciate it! :heart:

That’s great that you are getting seen :slight_smile: I hope it works for you! It can reoccur and doctors didn’t believe me when I said that I thought it had reclosed.

Hopefully it will get sorted out!! And it wont close again! Thanks for replying to my post! Very hard to get advice on this!

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