Period pain no period . Cervical stenosis?? Help

Hi I've had lletz and also biopsies for CIN3 earlier this year. 

All been well since but no bleeding since cervix healed. I have mirena coil so my bleeding was very sporadic anyway . 

However For the last 7 days I've had period pain but no sign of bleeding . After a bit of googling im starting to wonder whether I could have cervical stenosis ? 

Anyone able to help me make sense of this? 


Hi Primrose,

I wondered how you were doing? How's the pain now? It might be worth speaking with your GP about your worries. Have you had follow up after the LLETZ? I can understand your concerns. I'm on the mini pill and don't bleed, but I've always stopped it after LLETZ to make sure I still bleed because of cervical stenosis. Last time I had had pain for days and barely bled. I've been thinking of stopping the pill again to see what happens, but it's a fear I have.

Sorry I don't have any answers, just wanted to let you know that I hear you and hope you're ok x