Cell Changes Re-Appearing

I wondered if anyone has experienced cell changes coming back after a long time? I had my first Lletz and Cone Biopsy in 2014 and since then I have had yearly smears with no problem. I have had some biopsy’s taken along the way but never with an issues.

I have just had my latest smear and biopsy which has come back with a negative HPV result (high risk HPV I assume) but CIN1. Has anyone had this before? I’m confused as to how the HPV result can be good but the cells aren’t?

It’s been an incredibly difficult road having to go through a yearly colposcopy for 8 years. It hasn’t been confirmed but my fertility has been affected, I had 1 round of IVF that failed after 6 weeks. I’m now 34 and incredibly worried I’m heading down a path of more treatment and stress!

Does HPV ever really go away? I’m healthy and I don’t smoke, I don’t know what else to do!

How have other people dealt with returning results? Thank you in advance xx

HPV itself doesn’t affect your fertility. Neither would CIN1. It could be that those are leftover cells from a prior infection, because CIN1 usually indicates viral changes but nothing more. It almost always goes away on its own. Eat well, rest, exercise, and take your vitamins. Please try not to stress. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your fertility, but that is not caused by HPV.


My case in not cell changes reappearing after a long time, however i had a diagnosis of hpv positive with cin2 back in april and underwent a lletz with clear margins. 4 months post treatment i had normal smear/hpv negative (no biopsy then), and 6 months post treatment i again had normal smear/hpv negative, colposcopy was normal but because i was stressed and anxious he had a biopsy taken (for just in case i was told, the consultant confirmed he did nit see anything abnormal) which showed cin1. Got the results today i don’t understand how this is possible. In the letter he wrote “looks like if is regressing, hpv negative is a good sign, it should regress in a few months” but how can it regress when i had clear margins to bigin with. I am very worried the hpv test was a false negative :frowning: so did i have 2 false negatives, I am completely lost here :frowning:

It’s speculated that most people don’t actually clear HPV; it just goes dormant. In any case, CIN1 usually just means that you have an active HPV infection. Dysplasia is usually incredibly slow-growing, and CIN1 usually goes away on its own. The best thing to do is relax, take care of your body, and come back in a year for a Pap smear. The likelihood of CIN1 progressing is low, but even if it does progress, that takes years.

Not entirely.
I already had LLETZ, meaning in my case CIN1 did progress which is why I am worried. If my immune system did not clear it then, why would it clear it now?
I had 2 negative pap smears (september and november this year), my CIN1 was caught only on biopsy because i insisted to have one just to be sure, even my colposcopy was normal, why would i go for a pap smear when it is clearly not accurate?
You say CIN1 means active infection - ok, but why did i test negative for HR hpv (the type i had included)? How accurate are these tests?
Many things we read online are simply not true in my case. It’s hard to sit and wait when so many things don’t make sense and I still don’t have answers of the above from my consultant that would make this more bearable. Also, i went from no changes to CIN2 in 1 year before i had the LLETZ.

Hi @Mmm

I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you getting these mixed results, my cells went from borderline to CIN1 to CIN3 in just over 12 months so i understand how scary all of this is

There is alot of outdated information on the internet, this is why many of us encourage others not to google so much as we just end up misinformed and full of anxiety…

Theres 2 likely things here: 1. As with any test, nothing is 100% in some cases cervical screening has failed to pick up an active HPV infection but this is supposed to be rare, so yes it could be possible that they are false negatives its unlikley to have 2 in a row but not impossible or 2: you really are HPV negative at this time, its not clear how but for some women the LLETZ somehow kickstarts the process of us clearing the virus, but the CIN2 cells you had removed with clear margins arnt the same cells as the CIN1 cells they are new cells that happened before the HPV deactivated they just havnt reverted back to normal yet… this is how you can go from clear margins to regressing cells xx

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