Cells returning after LLETZ under 1 year

Hi Girls, wondering if someone can help. I had LLETZ in November 2021 to remove high risk HPV CIN 2, I had my check up smear July 2022 & had my results now in August. I’ve been told I still have high grade HPV & CIN 1. How is this possible? I am so angry.

I am only 26, I also have PCOS. This is making me worry about ever having children as having a previous LLETZ procedure alone can cause pregnancy complications, as does PCOS. Having the two combined makes me an even greater risk, right now I do not want any further treatment for my cells.

What is the likelihood it will even develop into cancer? Google says it will be around 10 years however my cells seem to develop quickly so I don’t know what to think.


Hi @Hollybyrnes1995

The treatment itself is for the abnormal cells there is no treatment for the HPV once you have it you always do, when we ‘clear’ it we havnt got rid of the virus its just in a state of dormancy, sometimes the treatment can kick start our immune systems but for others it takes time

CIN1 although a CIN its not classed as a true precancer so its very unlikely they would treat it and they would just monitor you instead, even at this stage low grade abnormalities wouldnt be treated and down to the guidelines you would be offered a follow up within 12 months to see if theyre gone, CIN1 regresses over 60% of the time without treatment based off age etc (being 26 is a huge benefit in your case) and less than 1% of CIN1 cases have had a CC diagnosis whilst being monitored

The timeframes and guidelines are based off the best studies they have available for CC, I’m in the same boat my cells went from borderline to CIN3 in just over a year so I totally understand your concerns with the fast cell changes, but there is now some evidence that CIN doesnt always come in a linear fashion meaning it can appear before a CIN1 or 2 grade but the upto 10 year timeframe of HPV potentially giving us cancer still stays the same

Nothing is set in stone with this virus, having HPV doesnt mean you will get a CC diagnosis in your lifetime and having the cell changes isnt a definate either, i like to compare it with the link to smoking and lung cancer not every smoker will get LC they just know its a cause



You may benefit from having a read through these pages, first link further down the page is a chart on the progression and regression of cells and the second link is about the monitoring of cells

Sending positivity! :slight_smile: x