Can you have NO side effects after treatment?

I was diagnosted with CC three weeks ago and I am waiting for a PET scan. The surgeon said it was a small hardley noticable tumor and didn’t sound worried at all about the outcome.

From what I am reading here, it looks like no matter what stage you have, be it 1 or greater , it seems like everyone has some sort of disabilitating side effects after treatment, which does not sound good for quality of life after treatment.

My question is… does anyone know CC patients that went through surgery , and had radiation and chemo, and came throw it with no side effects durning and after treatment , and now they live a normal symptom free life?

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Hi there,

Keeping in mind that it is early days for me— I finished treatment 3 months ago—I think I’ve somehow managed to escape unscathed from everything. No real menopause symptoms either except bigger boobs :joy: which I’ll take. Honestly it’s as though it (cancer, treatment) never happened. Sometimes side effects from radiation come on later rather than sooner so this is not my last chapter on this but it’s encouraging & proof that it doesn’t seem to always be difficult post-treatment.


The internet is a scary place and the women here find comfort in sharing their experiences, especially the challenging ones, to know they’re not alone. That doesn’t mean that others don’t have an easier time. I was 1B3 with a 7CM tumor. Surgery wasn’t an option, so I finished treatment back in February (25 radiation, 6 chemo, 4 brachy) and can say I am now almost entirely symptom free! The tail end of treatment had some pretty painful burning while urinating, but that subsided about a week after my last brachy. The only thing I am left with is that I pee a bit more frequently in the middle of the night (totally manageable) and I have some hot flashes (I’m likely menopausal. We are doing hormonal testing in a couple months, but if needed they will put me on HRT which will manage the hot flashes). The hot flashes are the worst of it - they are annoying and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t impact my qualify of life. Other than that, I feel completely back to normal. Obviously the treatment can impact your fertility, if you consider that an effect that impacts your quality of life - it’s unfortunate, but on the day to day my life is completely back to normal. I am only 3 months out and sometimes symptoms do present themselves years down the road, but I’m hopeful that this chapter is closed for me. Don’t fret - you’ll make it through.