Can I keep my uterus if I have no cervix and they remove my ovaries?


I haven’t posted in a very long time but really appreciate this forum and all the support.

I had a radical tracheotomy in 2007 and have been very fortunate to not have reoccurrence.
Unfortunately for a few years I have been dealing with borderline ovarian tumours which is not a cancer but can turn into it. The treatment is surgery which I had once 2 years ago to remove the masses from my ovaries and then in July I had my omentum and peritoneum removed as there were deposits.
Now it’s back, they want to remove everything. We are in the middle of IVF and I’m heartbroken, and asked them to leave my uterus as we have frozen embryos but now I recall a doctor (during my surgery number 1) telling me that the blood supply for my uterus comes through my ovaries now I have no cervix.
I’ve a few days to wait for answers and wondered if any ladies in this wonderful community can tell me if they had a radical trachelectomy then went on for a oophorectomy and saved their uterus?

I’m so sad and defeated but clinging on to anything I can. I married late and this was my first chance at trying for the baby I’ve always wanted.