Radical Hysterectomy and Ovaries

Hi, I was diagnosed stage 1a1, now possibly 1b1 in February and have had two Lletz treatments to successfuly remove it. I have now been told I have to get a radical hysterectomy and I am awaiting an appointment to discuss at another hospital where they will also sample lymph nodes. Nobody has yet discussed what will happen and I am wondering if they will remove my ovaries if I have completed my family? I am 43 and with a radical hysterectomy will it mean I will go into the menopause or does that depend of they do take my ovaries. Do you get a choice? I am being treated in Glasgow and not sure if that impacts care. Any guidance would be welcome as I have found the care to be very patchy and I am always left googling which isn’t helpful! X

Hi Sleepingangel and welcome

You definitely have a choice whether or not to keep your ovaries. The surgeons are not allowed to remove anything without signed consent from you. The main issue is for you to make an informed decision; ask the doctors and nurses, who involved in your care, all the questions you need so you are happy in your own mind about what surgery you are prepared to accept…

When I had my radical hysterectomy I was advised to have my ovaries to removed which I agreed to. It wasn’t too difficult a decision for me as I was post menopause at the time.


Hi Jazza
Thank you so much for replying, its appreciated as its a bit of a lonely time. That is very helpful, I don’t think I realised I would have a choice. I think there may be some time between my first appointment and surgery so I can try write everything down and ask questions to decide.

I really hope you are doing ok. It’s an odd thing to be facing and I have found this forum informative and finally posting has given me comfort. X

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Hi, i am having a radical hysterectomy on Tuesday in glasgow. I am 42 and havent got any family, when inasked about my ovaries theyvsaid they are keeping them as they like to with my age being youngish. I asked them about menopause and about medical menopause if i would need hrt etc but they just no I wouldn’t go into medical menopause etc. However reading some things on here not sure what happens. Hope this helps x

Hi @Janey13

I had mine removed and went into medical menopause at 38 and prescribed estrogen only patches. i had a radical hysterectomy followed by adjuvant chemo for stage 1b2 adeno/large cell.

My understanding is that treatment such as radiotherapy may affect the ovaries which may lead to medical menopause if they are unable to hide the ovaries from the radiotherapy beams.

If its a hysterectomy without ovary removal I was told I wouldnt enter a medical menopause so wouldnt need hrt.

Hope that helps x

I am sorry you had to go through this at your age, i am 1b stage but that was in feb they told me and only getting my surgery now tomorrow and i think its either adenocarcinoma or adenqosquamous. I forget theyvsaid it was rare and 15% of people get it. Hope you have recevered well from all of it and yes ypur answer has helped thank u x

Hi Janey13, firstly i am wishing you all the luck on the world for your operation tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and your recovery. Thank you for advising on this. Nice to hear we are still considered young! I suppose I am unsure what they will suggest for me and hope they will discuss at my outpatients appointment. I hope I dont have to wait too long for it all as my smear was last November! Keep in touch with how you are doing please xx

Thank you soo much, the waiting is the worst i had my smear sept oct, then had a womb biposy and a letz from the cervix end of dec at Kilmarnock. In feb they told me the cervix had cancer but free everywhere else, after mri n ct pet scan march they told me hysterectomy. Took another 4 weeks to see surgoen at but she was lovely, she was very thorough in answering my questions inalso asked why radical and not other options first. They will do whats best for you as an individual ots now 7 weeks since inseen her aand only getting the operation. Its all the waiting inbetween, now its the royal tomorrow. Hope you hear from them soon and get your appointment through x

Hi @Janey13

I think the adenocarcinoma part is the part thats rare isnt it and its the hardest to detect with where it is, thankfully its been caught early for you but i understand your worry re the time betweem diagnosis and op.

Thank you, finished chemo recently and ive a scan this week to confirm what im hoping will be a ‘no evidence of disease’

Hope you go on ok tomorrow, plenty of rest and recouperation afterwards! Big hugs x

I got my appointment in and it’s scheduled for next week with . So glad to hear she was very helpful. I was being treated at s before that. I’ve had two Lletz treatments now and and MRI and it seems they have caught it but always the risk. I’ve been told August time for surgery so that would tie in with your 7 weeks. It’s been going on for so long now. Hopefully you are ok once they do this next stage. Are they sampling your lymph nodes too and do you know when you might hear about the final lab analysis after? More waiting! Sending you lots of love and well wishes xx

Sorry to hear about your journey. I am really hoping you get some good news following your scan this week. Please keep us posted and I will be thinking of you xx

Wishing you all the luck for the scan results let us know how you get on. Thank u will do, hugs back at you x

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Hi @Sleepingangel

Thank you so much :heartbeat:

Sorry Id missed responding to your earlier post. Youre likely to get a choice re ovaries. I did but was strongly advised against keeping them and that was because of the large cell cancer they found within my tumour, little bugger is more prone to recurrence/spread. To be honest i just wanted everything gone and had completed my family. I was told there was a slight increase in risk of it spreading to the ovaries so i opted to remove them. The only symptoms of the menopause im having are hot flushes which I can withstand if it means the benefits such as helping with my bones and heart health outweigh the side effects. Ill likely stop the hrt when i reach 51.

Hope you go on ok with your appointment next week and your surgery in august time. No question is a bad question so make use of your CNS and consultant and ask away anything you want :blush:

Sending lots of hugs xx

Thanks so much @Janey13 will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

Good, hopefully you get all the answers to your questions. Yeah she was really nice and is my surgeon tomorrow aswell, the nurse seemed nice aswell. Yes 2 pelvic lymph nodes are coming out aswell to be tested. In my pet scan no changes to these were recognised so i am hoping for good news but you just dont know as those scans were done beginning of march. They said roughly 10 days after i would have results, will just need to wait and see. There was no cancer detected in any of scans either wiith me but there was abnormal cells all around still left from the letz in mine. I did ask if a firther letz woupd getvrid of this but she said we could try but it was rather close to the vagina so its good to know of you have already had 2 and still need a hysterectomy i would have only been prolonging the surgery as i would probably still need it going by your journey. Also u just dont want it coming back either. Did you have high risk hpv? Xx

Hi Janey13, I know you have your operation today so best of luck. Sounds a very similar experience to me then. I was told by the nurse some abnormal cells remained but the colposcopy consultant never mentioned this. I am going to ask about that when I attend next week to check. I had two lletz treatments already. Yes, high risk hpv too. Fingers crossed your results in 10 days shows all is clear now and you can focus on your recovery. Take care xx

Hi, so sorry to hear about the tumour you had and the risks of recurrence/spread. I think I would have made the same decision for to try do everything to prevent that happening. I will try and write a lot of questions down and decide what might be best. Hopefully I get enough info and time to read up on things. Hope you doing ok. Sending best wishes xx

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Thank you so much, it well thanks so far. No issues throu surgery, no naked eye stuff to be worried about. Lymph nodes didnt seem overly too enlarged so not too sure what it means. Amnassuming the pain might kick will kick in tomorrow as think the oxygen n drips are took out. It does all seem very similar its all quites scary butvafter today ibcan assure u youvare in very good hands everyone seems so lovely one thing also. M did say she isnt the fastest surgeon, and likes to make sure everything is out the way before cuttin it all so she seems very thorough and careful. I hope thats a little reasurring for you. Xx

Im so glad the surgery seemed to go well. I hope you managed some sleep last night and dont be scared to ask for pain medication today if you need it. It will take time. Thats good she mentioned your lymph nodes didnt seem too enlarged, i didnt even think they would be able to tell at the surgery stage but hoefully thats positive. I dont know about you but ive not felt relieved or out of the woods with any news ive had so far, i just keep wanting to get to the results post hysterectomy to know for sure. You just need to focus on your recovery now and sounds like you have a great medical team. Please keep in touch, if you need support during hospital stay or when you are home. Ive found im fine then emotions hit me randomly. Sending love xxx

Hi there, sorry for not keeping intouch. I got home last night. I have had a terrible few days and now only benging to feel on the road to recovery. Please dont be alarmed by this ibhave a few allergies so my pain management wasnt the best also the anthestist gave me a spinal for pain relief wchich he missednon 2 attempts finding the spot so on wed i was in agony from the middlenof my back all the way down my bum cheek and i was experiencing severe numbness in my leg. Managed to get ontop of it by Thursday evening, is still sore and can take upbto 6months to rectify. Fingers crossed it does if it doesnt it could be pernament nerve damage. Yes she gives ypubablow down to what they can see with the naked eye and how but also does say we cant be sure until its checked so ibwint really settle until they fone next week. I was a bit down for 2 days, didnt really want to see any visitors apart from my mum n dad. Now its concentrating on the wound healing and getting the catherta out. Hope u are doing ok, big advise if having vistiors on a daily basis bringnin some food for for you. Hope you are doing okay xxx