Ovaries keep or remove updated

So I was told they found stage 1a1 in my lletz and recommended hysterectomy the consultant said most people say to take ovaries out to remove risk and at the time I was so scared that I just said yes I want everything gone. Now having had time to think about things I am reconsidering but frightened about making wrong decision either way. 

Please can any of you lovely ladies help me with this? I am seeing Consultant tomorrow for the consent meeting.  Starting googling hysterectomy yesterday and got myself upset with regards to sex life etc ,I am 34.  

Also any questions I should be asking?

Thanks ladies xxx


Hi ya

A bit of advise dont google i did and it drove me around the bend with the worrying. I am going in on tuesday for my RH. They are  leavinv my ovaries in as my consultant said that cervical cancer is npt related to ovarian cancer.  Christine 

Hi there,

I decided to have mine removed, but i'm 46 so probably not that far from the menopause anyway. My consultant said it was my choice and as I had two different types of cancer cells present I didn't want to risk anything else coming along. I figured I didn't need them anymore so out they came. 

I started on HRT the morning after my op, and so far haven't noticed any difference other than I haven't had a single migraine in the time since my op. I have suffered with these since the age of 13, so fingers crossed it stays this way,  which for me would totally justify my decision. 

It might help to chat to your GP about it.

Greta x

Hi Sarah,

I was 50 and the menopause had already begun when I had my rad hyst so no point leaving them in for me. However, I have read on this forum somewhere that even though there is a high probability that the ovaries will fail anyway after a hysterectomy, there is an argument for leaving them in, which is that if you have a recurrence, it is more likely to reach the ovaries first in which case, much more treatable than a recurrence further afield. I do not know very much about this thinking but I would think it is definitely worth asking your team about.

Be lucky :-)


Thanks ladies on my way to appointment now. Look like I am going for a job interview, for some reason I feel you should dress smart for doctors am I the only one?! 

Such hard decisions I never thought I would have to make xxx

I'm 33 and my consultant kept my ovaries, he said that I was too young for menopause and that the spread of cancer to the ovaries was very small.  In hindsight am glad that they did this so i didn't have to battle with menopause as well as dealing with everything else xx



I'm back from appointment and consultant said going to have a ultrasound scan and if it shows no problems with ovaries he will suggest keeping them in because of my age etc. 

Chris good luck with your op xx

Greta thanks great re migraines must be a silver lining xx

Tivoli thanks and I read your story it cheered me up on a v bad day :) xx

Zoe yes that's what I was thinking menapause too  xx

17 July possible date for survery seems like forever away I waited 5 weeks for my lletz results :( my smear was in March it feels like this has taken over my year, sorry I'm having a feel sorry for myself moment.  Need to snap out of it xx



Hi Sarah

My smear was on the 5th march as well i am so glad  i am having operation u tomorrow its been going on to long. Are u havinv hysterectomy 



Yes Chris hysterectomy hoping keyhole but won't know till I have ultrasoun, wish I was having it done tomorrow too, good luck please would you let me know how you are I will be thinking of you. Lots of love xxx


I had an abdominal hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. Nowhere near as bad as I thought! I kept my ovaries, I'm 39. Good luck! X

Hi Sarah, 

You don't need to snap out of anything.  You are well within your rights to feel a little sorry for yourself.  This is a MASSIVE deal and you have been on this jourey for such a long time.  17th july will come along in no time.  

Hope ultrasound goes well and you are able to have keyhole surgery. 

Best of luck Rachel x

Hi howare you feeling now? Feeling very nervous about it all. 



hhi Sarah

Ii am having adominal hysterectomy so i am guessing its gonna be where my c section i. Will message you. I am kinda glad its tomorrow 


Be thinking of you Christine xx


thanks Frankies Angel, glad to hear you have had good recovery. Any tips gratefully recieved. Xx

Thanks Rach, I have been feeling bad about feelimg sorry for myself, as loads of people keep telling me how lucky I am (that it was caught early) and how liberated their friend felt having her hysterectomy, I know they mean well and I suppose would rather that than saying negative things. But sometimes! Xx

big hugs ladies thank goodness for this site! 

Hi again Sarah ;-)

I know exactly what you mean about people saying how 'lucky' you are, etc. etc. It's because they don't know what else to say to you bless 'em. That's what this site is all about, talking with women who do understand how you feel and who don't treat you like you're made of glass.

Be lucky :-)


Yes bless 'em lol I have had all sorts of comments today ' I bet you are sick of waiting for op date knowing you are walking around with it' grhhh some people, I know people don't know what to say. xx had to cancel our holiday today too :( xx 

So sorry to hear about the hol :-( Did you have travel insurance?

No we lost £600 but got rest back typically it was the nicest holiday we would have been on too 4* keep reminding myself health is more important. xx

Ah sarah I'm sorry to hear about your hol and the money you've lost. Health absolutely has to take priority but it doesn't stop it sucking! I've had to get mt hubby to fly back from his holiday today. I hate it's already effecting life.


You are absolutely in your right to feel sorry for yourself!  We've been dealt a cr*p hand and we don't have to be ok with it...we have to kick it's ass! Xx

Thanks Sweat pea it does suck doesn't it! We booked that holiday last September I think everyone deserves a holiday after this awful time so hopefully go away at some point.  Makes all other little worries seem so irrelevant now doesn't it.  

Glad your husband is coming home to be with you tomorrow please let me know as I will be thinking about you Hun. Big hugs I know you have been very anxious so I really hope tomorrow you get better news than you are expecting.  xxxx